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Hello, my name is mert, I am 28 years old and I am from Istanbul and I am hot and
insatiable, my girlfriend met online, she is from Denizli and she
is studying there, she came to me in Istanbul for the Eid holiday, I picked
her up at 7 in the evening, in front of the Sultan Ahmet mosque and we went to the right house, of course, first
I asked her if you are hungry. He said let’s go straight home and
I said ok we came home we sat down and chatted
for a while after all we were seeing each other for the first time except for our pictures
then we got a little closer then we kissed for a while and for a moment we came to the
bedroom I said ok shall we go to our bedroom then he said ok and immediately
we got up and went to the bedroom she started to undress, so I undressed standing up to caress
i started kissing him we were kissing him i put my hand between his legs it was warm
and wet the room took mine he was stroking and stroking my
hands were on his butt he suddenly slipped down and
took mine in his mouth and started licking he was sucking very nice actually
I emptied the first mail into his mouth I couldn’t stand his nice sucking though I couldn’t stand it
too much i was full he licked them all he took the ones that came out from the side of his mouth
he licked them and then i put him on the bed i
spread his legs and i started licking his cunt I parted his
lips with my hand and moved my tongue around his cunt I put my tongue in and out of his cunt and sucked his
clit the taste was amazing
In fact, I sucked and licked until the room was empty, then
we made love and kissed a little more before we started to get inside…

I placed my dick between her cunt’s lips and brushed it up and down
a little bit and slowly I started to get inside the pussy was pretty tight I went through it slowly and inserted
it all the way to the bottom I stopped and
made circles in it then I moved my dick inside it and started to fuck it rhythmically
my hands were on her breasts and caressing them I was kneading and
I was kneading and biting her ends I was screaming as she bites and saying stick it even more I was taking my dick out of her cunt completely and inserting it into the bottom
again quickly and now i was about to come and I was speeding up she said ok then I will cum in her mouth I said ok come on she said come on and I took it out of her cunt and again I put it in your mouth and

i ejaculated in his mouth again this time i said ok i will fuck you in the ass he
agreed and bent right in front of me even though i ejaculated with a dick he was still
upright and without wasting time i took my place behind
him i creamed my dick well and rubbed it in his ass i put a finger in his ass his ass got a
little tighter when i put it i said my finger and we laughed Then
I took support from his shoulders with my hands and aligned my dick to his hole and
started to press it slowly. When his head got inside, he
tried again, he never fucked himself in the ass before, he was very
afraid of him, I said ok then if you’re afraid, let
me lie down on the floor, you get on me and you’ll be in control this time I said i lay down
the room came up on me and he started to sit on my dick slowly,
when he got it all in I told him to stop and wait for a while in this position and I made his
ass move in circles on my dick when he started to say that it doesn’t hurt anymore and he likes it I
started going in and out of his ass fast I did my 3 ejaculation inside her ass. We fucked until the morning and we didn’t sleep at all. It was very nice. We are still talking on the phone and I am looking forward to the day she will come to Istanbul again .

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