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I follow and enjoy the stories here. I wanted to share a
memory of mine.
I own an advertising agency. Yasemin, who applied for a job as a secretary
, did not attract my attention at first, and I even thought of not hiring her.
However, another friend of mine, who also works in advertising, said “it’s good, take
it, let’s try it anyway” and I accepted the job.
Yasemin started to work, but she
suddenly became very friendly with a staff member working in the agency.
I didn’t notice that he was joking, talking on his cell phone and laughing often .
I believed that they had a sexual relationship with my staff, Süleyman . And that’s
why I thought of firing both of them.
In the last few days, he has
started to show an extreme interest and sincerity towards me.
One day, only Yasemin and I were at the agency. We were doing the job and
talking about air and water. The conversation turned to sex and Yasemin
started to provoke me with her words. He was making such sentences that it was as if
he didn’t like my masculinity, as if he
thought I couldn’t have sex with a woman, and made me angry with similar expressions.
You know, men get offended by such innuendo. For the last
time, he said something like can you fuck a woman, which was the last straw
. I held Yasemini on the ground as I grabbed her arm. I immediately took off her skirt and lowered her
panties. You’ll see if I succeed
I said can’t I fuck?
But I realized that he already wanted that too.
His intention was to provoke me and fuck himself . Anyway, after a little caress, I started rubbing my dull dick on
Jasmine’s little hairs that started to grow again after shaving
. A few minutes later, I got into Jasmine’s tight pussy
. I could tell you were enjoying your groans. I had been going back and forth for about 20
minutes and he asked if you had not emptied yet.
I was surprised. I said wait, I’m beautiful. I said let’s find 45 minutes
. Ooooo said. He told me to say that we hit the ax on the stone. And
I tried to piss you off because you can’t fuck or something, but
he said you turned out to be a good fucker. I laughed and continued our fuck. About 30 minutes or so
Then we changed positions three or five times and the door rang 10 times,
so the customer came and went when it didn’t open.
I decided to finish it so that the agency wouldn’t be shut down any longer and I increased my speed so that he could reach the top
. He and I were both above the clouds when we ejaculated together
. We got up right away and continued work as if nothing had happened
. Yasemin had a great oral sex when we were alone again in the following days and she gave me great pleasure
by sucking my dick, which she licked meticulously, to the last drop . In the meantime, of course, I terminated Süleyman’s job. However, one day, Yasemin said she quit the job and never came back. I later learned that

Another staff member named selman
wanted to fuck her.
But they had a fierce argument with this staff member, who was over-bellied and never the type to be attractive to a lady . In that anger,
Yasemin quit her job.
Much later, we met Yasemin again. I told him to return to work and
I fired him. Although she said that she would not come to work but to visit me
, Yasemin never came again. According
to the rumors I’ve heard, he’s now fucking with other people. But I
made an oath to fuck Jasmine one more time. If I succeed I will
tell you again

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