【個人撮影】素人現役女子大生とのハメ撮り記録。いちゃらぶ生挿入SEX♡(サンプル)ーFuck girl friend and cum on her waist porno

I am working as a manager in a large company. It all started when my wife
wanted to work. The company I work for was looking for a
staff member in the accounting department. The job was done, but the only problem was that we had to
find a babysitter to take care of our child.
One of my wife’s friends told us about a woman who lived very close
by, and we called her and talked. The woman had three daughters,
she said she could take care of our child with their help, and we accepted. My wife
started working. In the first days, the woman came early in the morning and
began to look after the child. But after a while, her husband couldn’t come early because he went to work late
. That’s why one of her daughters, sometimes all of them, started to stay with us.
Their daughters were around 17 years old, very beautiful and cute. The girls took turns
going to school, other times they came to look after the child. Meanwhile,
they were preparing dinner for the evening. When I came home in the evenings, they prepared the table
and we drank together. When the business increased in the company, my wife
started to work overtime. I was going home early.
One day I went home again, my wife was going to come late because she was working overtime. The girls
had prepared the table and were waiting for me. I went straight to the bathroom and
took a shower. Since it was summer, I only wore a shorts and an undershirt.
We started to eat, while we were
drinking wine together. The conversation was good and we drank a lot. By the way, one of the girls
He took the boy who fell asleep on the sofa to his room and laid him down. The girls were quite
high. We turned on the music and the girls started dancing. I
was pretty pissed off watching them.
As I only wore shorts, my dick was clearly visible. As the girls
were dressed in comfortable clothes, their white legs
and panties were visible as they danced. One of the girls came and took my hand and
started pulling me to dance. I was struggling not to get up because my shorts were
tent-shaped. Other girls also came and forcibly removed me.
We started dancing but I noticed that the girls’ eyes were on my shorts
At that time, a slow song started and the biggest girl came to my neck.
He hugged me and we started dancing. Meanwhile, my dick
was getting harder as the other girl hugged me. It was like a barrier between us. The girl
grabbed my dick and straightened it and placed it on her cunt,
she started rubbing. We were starting to growl now, we were both enjoying
At that time, I thought of his brothers, when I looked, I
saw that they had put my porn tapes on the video and watched it. I was dancing
and watching the girls. I was running my hands slowly over her ass, lifting her skirt
and grabbing her ass and cunt from the top of her panties
She was rubbing my dick with her hand in my shorts, she can’t take it anymore
I whispered that I was about to ejaculate in his ear, he immediately bent
down and pulled down my shorts, took it in his mouth and started licking
it. Meanwhile, the other girls had stopped the movie and were watching us.
He immediately stood up, took my hand and laid me on the ground, telling his brothers
to come. They also came, undressed and lay down next to me.
Now there were three hairless cream-like cunts next to me. The youngest
put her cunt in my mouth and started moaning,
I started licking this hairless cunt hungrily. One of them was licking my dick and the other
was biting my balls. Mine was hard again. The older girl sat on top of him and
slowly began to take it in. I was rabid with pleasure. girl now
He got used to it and started hopping on me.
I was licking the little girl’s cunt and drinking her pleasure waters.
It was as if the girl above me couldn’t get enough of having an orgasm. Later they
changed places, one of them was applying cream to my dick and the other was rubbing his creamy
fingers into his brother’s ass. I stood up
, took the girl in front of me and started rubbing my dick in her tiny ass. I slowly
started to sting, the girl was squirming because it hurt, I grabbed her waist tightly
and shoved it up to my balls. After waiting for a while,
I started going back and forth.
Since it was too narrow, I immediately emptied, but I had no intention of stopping.
I grabbed the other girl by the waist and put her to bed and said you taste my dick
I started rubbing your ass. When she asked me to fuck her ass that she was a girl, I started to stick
my fingers in her ass.
I told the others to get to the side and curl up . Now I had three shiny ass in front of my eyes.
I was getting out of one’s ass and into the other, the girls were moaning with pleasure.
When I finally realized that I was going to cum, all three of them knelt in front of me and I cum in
their faces. They licked and swallowed all my semen. Then we
all took a bath together, and in the bathroom they emptied me with their mouths. Then
, as it was nearing time for my wife to arrive, we got dressed and
went to bed.

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