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I was going to be a guest of my childhood friend Sinana in Antalya, whom I hadn’t seen for months
, at the weekend. I took the evening flight. My friend and his wife met me
at the airport. Arzu was a very nice lady. But
that day I realized that she had such a provocative body. A white shirt, mini denim
skirt She was wearing white slippers with pointed, pointed heels.
Even her lace bra and white
nail polish were enough to drive me crazy. After dinner, we had
a deep conversation. But I couldn’t take my eyes off Arzu’s legs
and she noticed. I’ve known Arzu since high school. Even in those
years, her name was almost a prostitute. While I was watching her legs, she
He noticed this and started giving me free kicks. However, she was now the
wife of my childhood friend Sinan, and I
didn’t want to have bad thoughts . But Desire didn’t seem to care. I
almost had to memorize every square inch of her white lace thong. She came
to offer me some tea soon. When she bent over, she gave such a chest snap that I
could almost see the ends.
I was trying to hide my erection on my
penis. I could n’t believe my eyes when he sat across from me again. He did n’t have a white thong!
I think I finished my tea out of excitement. Arzu went to the kitchen to freshen my tea again. Sinan was
unaware of anything . He was almost immersed in the movie on the TV. Arzu brought my tea.
and suddenly the tea spilled from the tray on me. My penis was burned! Maybe he did it
on purpose . He immediately brought a cloth and started wiping my pants. He
kept saying I ‘m so sorry… I couldn’t stand it anymore that
Arzu grabbed my penis hard . Sinan couldn’t see because he was talking on the phone and I
almost ejaculated. He said he wanted to wash my
pants. I left the room to change my pants. I took another pair of trousers
from my bag and peeled off my clothes when the door to the room opened. While I was
trying to get myself together , Arzu entered the room and gestured for me to be quiet
. I was frozen. He suddenly bent down in front of me and said if I kissed him maybe
the pain of his burning penis would go away. Now the arrow was out of the bow.
I said if you swallow my sperm, I’ll forgive you bitch. As soon as he took them all in his mouth , I exploded
and he swallowed all of my sperm. I quickly put on my other pants
and went back to Sinan. Arzu took my pants to the washing machine
at that time. Sinan was still talking on the phone. After a while, we were again
immersed in the conversation and pretending that nothing had happened. Sinan also did not
notice anything, he was talking about our childhood memories. Arzu brought tea again
, but this time he was more careful! He said sorry again
while giving the tea… It doesn’t matter either, I even said I’m sorry, smiling mischievously! At that
moment, the phone rang again and Sinan panicked, jumped up and hung up the phone . The thieves had
robbed Sinan’s shop. While running towards the door
She could only say I’m going… She had already started to come down the stairs as we were going after her… As soon as I closed the door, I took her in my lap saying
come here bitch . I grabbed her lips. I spilled it . I rooted my 19 cm dick in Arzu’s pussy in one move. He shouted so loudly that the whole apartment must have heard his voice. Ohhh, he was moaning because he was a man, it was driving me crazy.

We couldn’t stand it, we ejaculated together by shaking. At
that moment, I thought my sperm would never stop gushing . I fell on top of him. We
lay hugging for a while . With a feeling of
guilt… We jumped out of bed at the sound of the phone. He called Sinan . He said he wanted to give me a blowjob again in the hall . He was making use of every moment, bitch. Before I could answer, he took my whole dick in his mouth again. He was saxing very well. Sinan was very lucky indeed. This time I was in no hurry, I was enjoying it when the doorbell rang. He quickly got up and looked at the door.

I immediately closed my zipper and started watching TV. It
was Sinan. She told us the incident at length. We had nothing to tell
! Soon, Arzu came with a glass of drink in her hand. She offered it to Sinan
first, you are very nervous, relax a little, she said
while placing a small kiss on her cheeks. The glasses were emptying one after the other. We were all
about to get drunk, but it was late, so I retired to my room.
I think they continued to drink for a while. It was a tiring day
and I fell asleep in a short time. I don’t know what time it was in the night, but I
woke up with a feeling of heat in my dick and startled. Alas! Arzu
was saxing me again with her tiny black dapdar transparent nightgown.
He was drunk. I was very scared. Even though I whispered “Don’t do it, it’s too dangerous”, he would
n’t listen and when he was in the hall he said he would finish his unfinished business.
He was pouting so much that it was impossible for me to resist. I guessed Sinan
must have leaked too. I twisted the desire and went behind him. I
started to force my
dick by saying if you could get it in your mouth and in your pussy, let’s see if you could get it from the ass. Now I was about to go crazy too. The bitch was so
prepared that she poured Vaseline in her asshole before she came to my room
. I cupped her breasts and pulled Desire towards me and slowly made my way up her asshole. I
was slowly fucking her ass out of fear and it drove us
even more crazy.
I started squirting in the deepest part of her gorgeous ass. I
licked her body all over and sent her to her room. It was an incredible weekend .

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