頃のマリ・5年前の映像・スーツ・入浴・フェラ・中出し・リクルートスーツ・OL porno

hello i am 22 years old now i did my military service in bart i
was at the police station it has been about a year now i will tell my memory

I was a 5 month old soldier and fell in love with a woman whose name was Emine and she was 1 year older than I
am. Here is the interesting part of my memory, I learned her phone number
and I thought of it. I called her on the evening watch to fuck her.
Eveni invited me and I went to her house at 3 o’clock, 200
meters from the police station. she was downstairs, her house was on the 3rd floor, we talked for a bit, in front of the door, then her husband was not at home, at that time, she was not at home in the coal
mines . her blanket fell on the floor and she had just had a bath at the time and my dick

it was like a stone it was 6 months but i didn’t see her face i put it in my mind i was rubbing her
slowly so that i would fuck her fashion didn’t make any noise i couldn’t stand
her first i licked her lips she said what are you doing i’m married but when i
felt my dick she didn’t make a sound I’m licking it to the end2 even though she has a child, her pussy was so tight while emine was licking her cunt, emmine was full of pleasure, I started to sting it slowly, as I sting, my husband has never fucked me like this, then he took my dick in his mouth and he was pulling the saxophone .

I rubbed Emine’s pussy and shaved the room she shaved me and then she
sat on the washing machine threw her legs on my shoulder I put my cream in her ass I started to shove it in
your ass ahhhhhhb ahhhhh ohhhh I started to say it’s
dear I used to go and fuck her at
her house every 2 days and I had a child from him, I can’t remember right now, my love Emine, here is
my military service, there is more, we had group sex, we’ve had group sex,
Emine’s brother Selen and I will talk about it later, see you

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