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I follow this site from time to time.
I also want to message with the appropriate people . The stories on this site may be shot, but I know these types of stories
happen because I’ve had one.
I travel a lot by plane for my job.

Again, on one of these trips, a pretty blonde lady sat next to me. This was the first time this happened, even though I travel very
often. I am a little
shy in terms of structure. I didn’t speak much during the trip. I was reading a book , I was
actually on my mind,
but I was afraid to talk.

He started talking to me while I was reading a book. Then the conversation took over and
we were intimate until the end of the road. She said her name was Ayten. He also
traveled frequently for business. When we arrived at the airport, we had dinner together and I
drove him home with my car, which I left in the parking lot of the area.

He invited me in, and I accepted. I guessed that we could experience something
, but I didn’t know how to start because I was shy

When I walked in, I got the real shock. Her husband greeted us at home. I was confused what
to do. I wanted to go but her husband insisted and
we went in.

Ayten said she was very tired and wanted to take a shower. While she was gone
, her husband was watching me intently, she. Then Ayten came out of the bathroom and went
inside in a nightgown. She told me that I was tired too and that I
could take a shower. He came in while I was in the shower and
started examining me. I was so embarrassed, but it calmed me down.

She said that she and her husband agreed to find a third person, and when he saw me on the plane, he
thought I was the right person. He took me from the bathroom to the bedroom
. Her husband was lying naked on the bed. She herself
undressed and began to lick her husband’s penis. I was watching them.

It was evident from her husband’s face that she did this job very well. Then , when he turned
towards me and said, “Are you going to stand there like a scarecrow”,
I came to my senses and took off my bathrobe and went to bed.
I started stroking Ayten’s hips .

Her body was beautiful. I couldn’t take it anymore and went inside. It was very
enjoyable. He was enjoying it too. Meanwhile, her husband ejaculated in her mouth
. He told me not to ejaculate inside his wife, so I put it in Ayte’s mouth
and ejaculated there.

Of course, the day did not end like this. Her husband (I still didn’t know her name)
said that Ayte likes to be fucked from behind and from the front at the same time. He lay on his back
on the bed and Ayten sat on it. So I creamed my dick and walked in
from behind. At first I had a little difficulty, but then
I started to go back and forth with ease.

Meanwhile, Ayten started to scream with pleasure. We ejaculated at the same time as her husband
. As we were tired from the road, we took a break to continue the evening

They said they wanted to host me that evening, so I accepted
and started to wait for the evening.

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