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, I am a 38 year old married man living in your arm. What happened
to me is absolutely true. The stories I read here were very interesting and
attractive. Let me tell my story briefly
, there are parks and forest areas around Cologne where couples
come in the evenings.

A car came after we wait for a while. Not long after, a couple
of cars came in and another car came, and they agreed with each other and they started following each other with
Then they came to an unemployed place, parked, got out of the car
, after a short meeting, they changed their spouses and got into their car, so I
waited for 15 20 minutes, got out of the car and came to the other car, I
looked and they were making love in the back of the car.

I took out my dick and started playing outside, by the way, the woman gave a big
smile, I was encouraged, I opened the door, but the man closed the door 5
minutes later, I opened it again, this time he didn’t say

I asked the lady if she had any medicine she said she gave me she was naked she
just took my pants off she took it in her mouth she had great breasts I
loved her breasts madly. We were two people in the narrow car, the man was
looking, I got into his pussy, it was like a fire. I ejaculated after 10 minutes.

But I still continued until it was empty. Then we had a little chat
and her husband was saying that he was in the other car and that he would definitely not be able to succeed
, he said that his husband only gets up with me. Then we made love two
more times, and when it was 4 o’clock, I had to go home, my lady, so that things wouldn’t go wrong, I was going
to visit the other car (-:
the following weeks constantly I went to the park but never saw it again

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