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Hello, I am Akiko, a 32- year-
old single businessman who lives in Antalya, does business in the tourism sector, graduated from METU, knows no boundaries in sex, and
is ready to experience all kinds of excitement.

My sex life is very colorful, because since I usually
spend most of my sex life with tourists, I lived sex to the fullest and without limits , and I had
the opportunity to easily realize many of my fantasies
, but the event I will tell you really surprised and
excited me…

Last summer, I was running the “water sports center” of a hotel in Antalya
. Since our customers are generally tourists, Turkish customers
were rarely found in the hotel. On a day when our work was very busy, all the employees were busy. Meanwhile, a Turkish couple of customers
who wanted to make Jet-sky came.

The man’s name was Metin, a husband and wife whom I learned the woman’s name was desire
.> desire is petite type, big breasts, deep blue eyes, big
lips, 28 years old, a modern turban on her head, (I
have an incredible weakness for women in turbans) but the
sexi swimsuit she wears underneath is her whole body . He was a complete disaster because he was the type that brought out his appetite
, and Metin was a kind man in his 40s with a big-half belly

Metin asked me if his wife wanted to do Jet-sky but
she was very scared because she was going to ride something like this for the first time in their lives, if I could help them with that
I told Metin that if he wanted, I could teach his wife if we rode together for a few times, and the man
thanked me saying that they would be very pleased.

I immediately brought Jet-sky to the shore and
we moved quickly towards the open with the desire seated behind
me. Because the sea was a little choppy
, the desire had to hug me tightly so as not to fall behind me

Desire’s big and magnificent breasts were completely stuck to my back and hugged me tightly
, which turned me on tremendously and made my dick look like wood.
Every time the jetsky jumped because of the waves> the hand of desire
slipped from my belly and it contacted my lifted dick and> the desire
was not disturbed by this (of course, by accident). for:)) ) and more
importantly, the fact that he hugged me tighter increased my courage, and
I immediately set up a plan to realize my desire to fuck.

When I told Desire that she could sit in front of me if she wanted, she shouldn’t be afraid because
I would be in control of the steering wheel, it would be better for her to learn, and
the room agreed to sit in the front.

Now, I had the desire that I wanted, seated in front of me and we were going to jump and jump again quickly in the choppy sea, but this time the difference is > the
desire is in my lap, I leaned my whole body against the desire from behind, of
course my dick became like a stake due to friction again, of course , the desire became like
a stone when I felt my dick in your ass, I guess that his ass had to rub against my dick every
time we jumped, I guess it must have affected him as well, as he pushed his
whole body backwards (of course, this desire was doing this to
avoid falling from the jet-sky :)) ), showing that he liked it.
Now I understood that the room was enjoying it, but we were not
talking anything, only our bodies were talking.
I took the jet-sky and drove away from the beach because her husband
could see us from the beach.

While I was going a little more open, I told the desire that I would leave the steering wheel to her, that she
should not be afraid of it, that I could intervene immediately in case of danger, I
put my hands on her waist and hugged her tightly, the room was
loaded with jetsky’s gas to the end, of course, our hopping-jumping
increased, my dick was up in her ass, one of my hands is in her ass.
He was screaming hysterically at his gorgeous chest, the other easily making it easy for me to accidentally
rub and caress his cunt, and the
pleasure it gave him, as well as the delight of riding his jet-sky quickly and dangerously
, which made me mad.

Now the arrow was out of the bow, I couldn’t stand it, I
was about to explode from rubbing my dick on the ass of desire.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I increased my desire to caresses, I slowly put my left hand all
over her pussy and near her bathing suit, her pussy
was soaking wet, my fingers were moving easily in it, with my other hand I
tucked it into her bathing suit and began to caress her magnificent breasts

While I thought that desire might be angry at this,
I saw her screams of excitement turn into groans and screams of pleasure.

There was nothing to be afraid of anymore, it was obvious that she wanted it. As my fingers
explored the depths of her pussy, the desire
couldn’t stand it, she let go of the jet-sky and suddenly turned her face to me to
kiss my lips passionately, or rather to suck
, his head was like a red mushroom,
caressing my cock, or rather, beating it to
pieces like a pater attacking its prey.

Now that I was out of control, I left myself in the hands of desire,> the desire
was wheezing like a wild animal, descending from my lips to my breasts and from there to my
cock, trapping my cock between those magnificent lips
, sucking, licking and pouting. It was an amazing
. I was coming and going, spitting that gorgeous woman out of her

Now it was time to take control, because
I didn’t want to ejaculate right away, I lifted the head of desire from my dick, took off her swimsuit from her shoulder
, kissed her lips first, buried my lips in her large erect breasts
, kissed them for a long time and licked them, sucked, I couldn’t get enough
because desire wasn’t moaning with pleasure she was literally growling, this It made me even more

I laid Desire on her back with her back to the steering wheel of the jet-sky
, I went behind, I took off the rest of her swimsuit completely
, only the turban she had tied before was left on her belly.

Now> that gorgeous shaved pussy and ass of desire was right in front of me, I immediately
put my head between desire’s legs and
started licking the beautiful honey box, I was squeezing her cunt with my tongue, biting her lips lightly
, Desire was rabid with pleasure, my whole face was soaked with cunt juice
. at the same time i was stroking and
squeezing the place where her cunt started, suddenly her voice came up she started crying aaaoohhhh she started crying and ejaculated in
my mouth, it tasted great and it smelled so good, i got up taking my tongue out of desire’s cunt and licking her
purple and narrow ass hole , i
was driving her crazy by putting my tongue into it.
The desire that hasn’t spoken a word until now says to me “please stick it in now,
I can’t stand it, I want your dick, fuck me, smash my pussy
I want you to hand it out”, “I want to feel you inside of me, please,
I can’t stand it anymore” she was crying and begging me

I sat on the jet ski saddle like a horse and curled up in front of me,
while stroking her cunt with my hand, I
started licking her cunt from her ass hole
. “Put it out
” he cried,
suddenly I rooted him to the end, his eyes were full of tears, he was
crying with pleasure and pain. I was starting to come and go inside him.

It was really fun to fuck the tiny pussy. I was stroking her asshole with my
finger, fingering her ass, I was taking my cock out of her pussy as I said come on, then
she was begging for what’s wrong, I was sticking
my finger in her ass while I was rooting my cock.
he was used to my finger in his ass, he was
screaming with pleasure while I was sticking two fingers in his ass. While I was pumping her pussy, she ejaculated because I was coming screaming twice
, my dick was still in her pussy.

Now it was my turn to ejaculate and I was determined to fuck his asshole.
I pulled the cock out of her pussy and put it on her ass, she didn’t make a sound at first, but when her head
was forced into her, she started begging for what ‘s wrong. But there was no way out, I
suddenly pressed her hole, it was only half of her ass, and this
time she was crying, screaming, struggling under me, I leaned in her
ear and said, You’ll get used to it, I took it out of your ass a little bit, then I
pushed it slowly again after doing this a few times , my balls started
to touch your hips .

When I took my dick out, semen mixed with blood was flowing from her ass, then
I kissed her lips and thanked her. But when I lifted my head and
looked around, I realized that the waves had dragged us towards the beach.
We put on our swimsuits in a panic, in case someone saw what we were doing, I
touched the gas of the jet-ski and headed towards the shore.

When we got to the beach, Desire ‘s husband had a big camera in his hand and laughed and said to us ,
“How did you have fun?
” I think he recorded it on camera.

What happened next??What happened to the text?? or what happened later between Metim -Arzu and Jet-skier
Akiko?? and what happened later when Sandrada, the
german lover of Akiko, joined the event?? Of course, so that you can
share the real stories of the jet-skier so that you can learn this,
please write me your thoughts about my story, if I
believe that you like it, I will continue my real interesting sex stories.

Married or single, male or female, from everyone who loves sex, knows no boundaries in sex
, wants to realize their unlimited fantasies,
(especially those living in Antalya), we are waiting for an e-mail, hey full
fantastic fucks.

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