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hi, i can’t patch my name, i’m dealing with trade and i’m 28 years old
. I had to go to bursa for a job interview one day and because my car
was in service, i decided to go by bus. i
bought an auto magazine while getting on the bus and when we set off, i
started to go through the magazine
a little while later and i was sitting on the side of the corridor. There was a male and female on the sofa
and while I was browsing the magazine, the man in the next seat was looking at my
magazine from afar. Then he said I think you are interested in cars, I said yes
Then we started talking to the man. He introduced me to his wife next to him. Their
names were Ahmet and Hale. We started talking and chatting, we talked
about cars.
I understood. Ahmet said he wanted to buy a car and
I said can you help me of course but I said it will only be after tomorrow.
He said ok and we gave our phone numbers, I
finished my work until the next day and Ahmet called us and we met and we went around the galleries,
finally we found the car that Ahmet wanted and he bought it. Ahmet
thanked me and insisted that I be his evening guests, and I
did not offend and went to eat them.
when we got home i was shocked to see the halo she was wearing a tight t-shirt
she had full breasts and she looked so perfect under a miniskirt we went to eat
while drinking and chatting
i realized something was wrong with my foot and i was shocked when i realized
he was stroking my legs in shock and fear, I asked for permission and went to the bathroom and
washed my face. When I came back, halo and ahmet were
talking in a low voice, when I came in, they stopped. When I sat
down, what had just happened started to happen again and this time it went even further and
my little one was stroking his foot with my excitement and his wife.
I started sweating for fear of being on the table , but by the way, while we were chatting, the
subject had already come to sex. That’s when I realized what was going on. This couple
wanted a change in their lives and I was going to be the leading actor . By the way, Hal said I
think you understand what we want to do, so I said yes and let’s start now. .halo and a dance

He put the tape on and started dancing. By the way, he was undressing, after a while he got
naked and said to us, come on . Both of our tools were like stone and he started to suck mine, meanwhile he was stroking ahmet’s , then it was ahmet’s turn . and we started to lick the halo, the lips and tongue on both sides of the halo body

He started to moan with the pleasure of his blows, we were
licking down his neck. I was making one of his breasts, Ahmet was sucking his skin, he was making groans
and I started licking Aunt’s pussy. Meanwhile, Ahmet
was giving his mouth and the halo ejaculated moaning
. And he said I want both of you inside me.
I lay on my back, the halo got on me
and he started to sit down and he took them all in and opened his hips and said ahmet, come on,
my life, you can get in with me ahmet slowly started to enter the back
of the halo and we were both fucking the halo in the ass and the cunt at the same time the halo
screaming yes ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh screams
and after a while ahmet exploded inside the halo.
It jerked and discharged. After a few times, I burst into the halo and
we were stuck in the bed. The halo was in the middle of us and was
playing with our fallen little ones, and it was the most enjoyable moment of my life.
We fucked the halo in different positions until that day, Ahmet and Hale
said they were very happy to meet me. And we still
meet one after the other and we have a lot of fun together.
I hope you like this story
. I will continue to tell you about our next experiences with Ahmet and Hale.

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