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During our stay in the village, we used to spend our days helping our folks with the field and garden work. My wife had a mother, father and 1 sister, and they were actually staying in the city, but in the summer they went to the village and worked in the field. Her sister had graduated from high school that year and passed the age of 3, she was 18 years old when she had just sprouted and stepped into a young girl.

That day, he worked in the garden again and we came home very tired, we were all very tired, only my wife was staying at home and preparing food for us, other than that, we were all going to the garden and working. It was one of our tired days again and I received a phone call from the workplace. They informed my wife by phone that I had to return to work urgently and that I had a job for 1-2 days.

I was going to get ready in a hurry with my tired state and my wife said that my sister-in-law should come with me and stop by her school. We set off for the evening in a hurry. After 4-5 hours of travel, we arrived in town. I was going to leave my sister-in-law to her house and I was going to go home and take a shower and go to bed. TV by taking 1 pair of altitude after I take my shower and relax. I was sitting across from him and had a rest when the phone rang, it was my 18-year-old sister-in-law. She was asking if the water was flowing with us, and they were cut off and she couldn’t take a shower, my sister-in-law. I told him that the water is running on us, he can come to us and take a shower. Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door, and when I opened it, my sister-in-law was very angry. The stress of not being able to take a shower after that day’s garden work and tiredness was evident in his eyes. While I was sipping raki in the living room, the sister-in-law immediately took a shower.

While she was in the shower, I fell asleep on the sofa with that tiredness a little later, someone was touching me saying, “Go to bed and sleep comfortably.” When I opened my eyes, she was standing in front of me with her sister’s bathrobe on her sister-in-law. We were both exhausted from exhaustion. When I told the sister-in-law that I have pain all over, in fact, it would be great if she had a good massage, she said that she could massage me too. Then I lay face down on the carpet and my sister-in-law sat next to me and started massaging me. He started massaging my necks, arms, back and legs. Then he turned me on his back and continued the massage. I was in shorts and I was aroused by the sister-in-law’s contact with me, but I was trying to hide it and waiting for her to finish as soon as possible.

I noticed that the sister-in-law’s eyes began to squint as she descended her neck, back, arms and legs, I turned her on her back and continued the massage. When I looked at her panties and saw that I noticed wetness in front of her, the sister-in-law got up and her face was red. When I saw her situation, I said she shouldn’t be ashamed, she must have been encouraged by this and started talking by bringing sex to the subject. Whether I have ever betrayed his elder sister?

How is our sex life now that her older sister is pregnant? He started asking such questions. As he talked, topics were opened and a more friendly atmosphere was born. I was asking if she had a boyfriend and answering her questions. But I couldn’t hide the bulge in the front of my shorts, my sister-in-law pointed in front of me and said I think you were hurting, uncle? I pointed in front of him and said as if you are so innocent and opened the bathrobe and touched his wet panties and said what is this?

My sister-in-law stood there without any reaction, I put my hand inside her panties and slowly started to caress her cunt. Now your cunt was well watered, I slowly took off her bathrobe, then her bra and panties, and when I saw legs like milk in front of me and that pussy that had just started to grow hair, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I took my sister-in-law in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I lay next to him and started kissing him. I was licking her breasts and legs all over her and my sister-in-law began to twitch sweetly when I slowly reached that honey box. she had reached the first orgasm, she was holding my head and pressing her tightly between her legs, and I was continuing to lick it. After the last few contractions, she grabbed my head and lifted it up and thanked me by placing a kiss on my lips and pulling the robe over her, she closed herself.

His face was red and it was obvious that he was still embarrassed. When I lay next to her and hugged her and told her that she shouldn’t be ashamed, she was talking about how she would look at her sister’s face, so I jokingly said, “Come on, you’re relieved, relax me too.” When he said it’s your turn, he winced. He opened his eyes, he looked at my face, he didn’t know what to do so I took his hand and brought it to my dick and told him to caress it slowly started to caress my dick was upright he was forcing the shorts I told him to take off my shorts he slowly took my shorts off and brought his hand to my dick again and started squeezing now all the veins on my dick came out. My sister-in-law was telling my ear that she had never seen a man naked before, she had never been in a relationship, she was a virgin, and she still wouldn’t open her eyes and look at me. And I was encouraging, saying that I wouldn’t touch her virginity, but that she should look at it however she wanted.

He bent down and started licking it like ice cream, it was getting better and better, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was surprised when your mouth was empty. I told him to swallow the sperm, and he swallowed it all to the last drop. We hugged each other and lay down, but I was still not satisfied. After a while, I started to caress him again and he started to respond, mine got up again, and when I started to warn him, he left himself to me. sex storyI read it, I put him on my lap by lying on his back and continued to warn him with my hand, now he was about to come, I started to force the hole by leaning my dick on his back, but it wouldn’t go in. I got up, got the cream and combed it in front of me and started pushing it slowly from behind, I didn’t want to scare him by hurting him. I lay on my back again, creaming my dick and her back, and told her to sit on him as she wanted.

In the meantime, I was continuing to warn him, he was slowly sitting on my dick. Now his hips touched my balls, he gave a painful scream and remained motionless for a while, I was still warning him, I couldn’t stand it anymore I was about to explode, he was sitting and getting up comfortably now he was sitting and getting up comfortably on my dick he started to enjoy it and I burst into it and it started to contract and we all together peaked it just fell over me.

He kept my dick like that for a while, it hurt him as well as he enjoyed it, he kissed my lips and said it was beautiful. I was glad that he told me that he enjoyed his first relationship, which gave me hope for the future. We just fell asleep in the morning when I woke up, I was still lying in bed naked. The sister-in-law had taken a shower and prepared breakfast in the kitchen. I had taken care of my work that day, and the sister-in-law had taken care of her school work, but we decided to spare one more night for each other and we did not return to the village that night.

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