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Hello dear readers, my name is bunch, my name is bunch, I am 22 years old, dark-haired, 170 meters tall, 50 kilos, married woman, I have been married for about 3 years and there has not been a big fight between me and my husband for 3 years. We have a very good and very peaceful marriage. In fact, this marriage is such a peaceful one. I don’t know if it is better for me to tell my husband what is going on instead of silence, or is it better for us to continue like this, I haven’t been able to decide.
I had an arranged marriage with my husband, I had never seen my husband before he came to want me. We met for the first time the night they came to ask for me, we had a normal conversation, normally it was a casual conversation, while I was waiting for this to happen, my husband’s father came back to us the next day, alone and It was just a chatting visit as a guest, he was constantly watching my every move on me, I thought this behavior was because he thought of me as a bride, but actually it wasn’t like that,
I learned about my father-in-law’s interest in me on the wedding night. While I was waiting in my room during the wedding, he suddenly entered my room and started pouring compliments on me, he said that I was a very beautiful person, that I would blow every man’s mind, and even if he was single, he would take me instead of his son, he said exactly that that night. I went to the wedding with that shock, because my mind was always there, I couldn’t enjoy what happened that night, we had a
wedding, it was the wedding night and everything calmed down, two weeks later, when my husband was not at home, my father-in-law came to visit us, my bride, how are you, what are you doing? He came in saying, I’m fine dad, how are you, I said, do you want coffee, and I went to the kitchen to make coffee, soon my father-in-law came after me and sat on the chair in the kitchen and started to watch me,
Then he asked me if you remember the conversation we had with you on the wedding night, I lied that I don’t remember, because I don’t think I’ll ever make a speech like that again, he said if you don’t remember, let’s repeat it and he started hitting on me again, he said I was a very beautiful person and I was a very sexy woman, what we did with my husband He was asking if we were doing it every night, if we were thinking about children or something, then he suddenly started talking about the wedding night and what did you do that night, did it hurt so much, why didn’t it hurt, weren’t you a virgin, etc. He was talking about a lot of perverted things, while I was interested in coffee without ever turning my face to him. I wanted to take a short look at what he was doing, out of the corner of my eye.
he was putting his hand on his dick and talking to me and stroking his dick, suddenly I spilled the coffee with fear and ran to the bathroom and brought the cleaning cloth, I had to clean it as soon as possible so that the stain wouldn’t stay on the rug any more and I bent down with the cloth in my hand and started to wipe it, I couldn’t turn my face to my father-in-law. So I turned my back and started wiping the floor, after a few seconds he came behind me and grabbed my hips and said do you want me to help, so I pulled your hand from my hips, no thank you dad, I’ll take care of it,
but after a while he put his hand on my hips again, he was stroking my hips with both hands and he was saying let me help him, as I said no, his hand was getting closer to my cunt and it was provoking me a little more, I knew what we did was very wrong but I didn’t make a scene there, maybe it was the end of my marriage. That’s why I turned a blind eye to some things and didn’t make a sound, unless I made a sound, my father-in-law was getting tougher and starting to stick his hand in my ass.
Couldn’t stand it and don’t be a father anymore, your son will come soon, if he sees us like this I said we will be screwed And now my eyes were starting to close, I was about to pass out,
then all of a sudden he laid me on the floor and came on top of me, he lifted my skirt up and pulled my panties up to my knees, I was trying to resist as much as I could and I was saying daddy please don’t do it I’m your bride but I wasn’t listening, after I took my panties down, he took his dick in his palm and the head part He started to move over my cunt, with all my might, I said daddy, please don’t get inside me, I don’t want you to do this, but when I said that, my father
got inside me, the moment I felt him inside of me, I already let myself go and said whatever happens, my father kept me in the kitchen, on that coffee spilled rug, over and over. He went in and out, I couldn’t resist and the room took me under because I couldn’t resist, he fucked me like he was fucking his wife, his bride..
It took ten minutes or it didn’t last, then he took his dick off and ejaculated on my pussy, my pussy and my rug were always covered with my father-in-law’s sperm, when he finished his work and got up, he came close to my ear and said “why do you think I got you married to my son?” It was the beginning, but it wouldn’t be the last.

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