kelemen sex video

I’m 38 years old married, but like every man, I’m out of my sight because
I can’t live the fantasy I want in my own home. It was the first
day of Ramadan, and after the feasting phase was over, I came to my office and
started chatting on the
net .

I said it could be me and we started to meet with the man anyway,
we gave each other phone calls and he decided to meet at 9 pm in my office
, as it was available, there was no one who said it was a holiday, and they called around 8:30 in the evening
. I met the couple as a result of a recipe, of course , I
had prepared drinks and about the appetizers and
we came to my office after an hour-long conversation, the man said that you can take care of my wife and he started
to sit at my computer and
chat with others. Their age was 39/45. It was obvious that the lady was very eager
and took a new bath.

While we were drinking, I was sitting next to the lady whose name is Nazan, she
started to caress me, of course, because I was a little shy, the first move
came from her, then we started to make love. She was a light lump but
a wonderful lady. While I was kissing, I
was continuing to caress the evil eye with my hands. I was experiencing something like this for the first time,
I was very excited and like in a dream,
my ejaculation was the same when the evil eye took mine, but there was no
difference in me, again, I was upright, my dick was poured into her mouth, Nazan
swallowed all the semen and continued to lick her ass towards her husband and he
was watching us stroking his dick

When I said come on, he said
, “Go on . he liked it when he licked his ass, he turned his hips upside down and showed that he was enjoying himself , while I was continuing to shove it in his butt from behind, my dick came out of his pussy and he went into his ass, so I said pordon my life

The room is not important, you can stick it if you want, he said, wet your ass with yiwu and
I started to put my dick in it, it was very beautiful and I started to fuck it, it was very
tight, obviously, he doesn’t always fuck his ass, by the way, his wife was very good
, keep going, he was giving us morale when I came
and went in your ass, Nazan is very beautiful, with her beautiful moans. I was very aroused
and I poured all my semen into the evil eye, and the evil eye started
because my fingers had worked hard in my cunt and it was soaked,
yes, when they call me after that day, I arrange a suitable day with them

but I have never called them, because I respect this fantasy , I ca
n’t do anything that will put them in a difficult situation

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