luppes telegram

Hello, there is no lie in this story I will tell you. I’m 30 years old.
This event started last year when the Belgirl sister returned from Germany to the country for summer vacation
I went to atatürk airport with my wife to meet the belgirl sister . A few hours later, the plane landed at the airport.
By the way, Belgirl sister, the wife of my wife’s uncle’s son,
was very happy to see us in front of her. By the way, Belkız sister is 40 years old, 1.65
height, 120 kg weight, a bulky person alone, a sexy woman .
When we came to our house from istanbul to bursa, it was quite late . Let me
tell you that I was going to sleep. I went into the bedroom. I left the door slightly ajar
. My wife and my sister-in-law got into a very deep conversation by the way.
came around to sex. Since our brother-in-law is tired from work, his sex life is
over. but it took 5 minutes, he was empty, it was over, he said, lick it and let’s continue, this got fed up with the older sister, she had
a fling in Germany a
few times, but she did not continue
their relationship because she was afraid of her husband, when I heard these, I started to go crazy and
think about how to fuck the little girl. When I woke up in the morning, I started walking around the house in
shorts. In order to attract the attention of the Belgirl, and when I pulled it, I noticed that the Belgirl sister was sighing, looking carefully at
my cock that was visible from the side of my shorts . I pulled my shorts a little higher for him to see
more comfortably .
my dick constantly with my hand
I was stroking around. When my wife went to work, I
started to take care of my sister, maybe because we were going on summer vacation, because I was on leave, my wife
had to work for 3 more days so that she could finish her work,
I started a conversation
with our sister to get closer to her
. “I’m lucky , the black man can’t
bring me pleasure,” he said. When I asked my sister if you want, I will give you nice
hours, she said “really” and immediately put her hand
inside my shorts and started to caress my 20 cm dick. he took a bite in his mouth,
believe me, I passed out, oh my god, I suck and lick
was enchanting me. and such a discharge in his mouth that I can’t tell. I said it’s my turn
and started to undress her. I couldn’t get enough of kissing and smelling her beautiful and big breasts,
I slowly went downstairs and started licking her cunt.
she was enjoying it a lot . Come on, my lion, get in it and fly me now, you’re my husband
now, he started begging to fuck me, so I started to prick his legs
and slowly put them into the skin of your cunt. He kept begging me to speed up, my
husband, fly me.
I realized that he was relieved as I was going in and out quickly , so I
said I would come. Come to me, please, I missed such a thing, I
ejaculated inside. Belgirl saying that my sister is very beautiful and like sucking ice cream on my dick
She started sucking and I started sucking my sister if you want, let’s do 69 on the bottom and I on the top
, okay ? I started sucking his ass with my tongue for a while , he told me I’ll do it from there if you want. I said okay , my sister and I told her to get up and do it right away. She said that they were doing it with her husband from time to time, so I could enter easily. I spit my dick out and slowly shove it up her ass. when the tip went inside, ahhh, let my lion have a feast there, now I was starting to move easily in your ass, I ejaculated inside as I was going in and out quickly. Belkız sister was in front at least 4 times that day.

I fucked it up 3 times. and she became my second wife. whenever he gets horny , he
comes to me and goes a few times .

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