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I met my dear friend Emre, who hits on every girl he meets, on a Friday
evening in Akmerkez.
Next to him was a woman with a beautiful body, but not a very beautiful face . She was wearing a tight miniskirt and a
nice blouse with a button-down collar. His long and sunburned legs were striking
. The girl looked 4-5 years older than Emre.

We sat down to dinner after the meeting stage. Emre
tired me and Işık with his incredible chatter throughout the meal. I looked at the clock every now and then.
In one of them, we made eye contact with the light, she was laughing. While I was trying to get up
, he insisted that I sit down, so we could go to the cinema. When Emre
went to buy coffee, he insisted that I stay in the light,
looking into my eyes with a smile. I decided to stay.

I said I’m staying. Light turned from the side of the table to my side and
sat scalloped legs crossed. The view was beautiful. When I lifted my
head, our eyes met again. He had a meaningful smile on his face.

I watched those legs in the cinema more than the movie, I got hard. At one point, his hand accidentally
hit my penis, and again the same meaningful smile…

After the movie, we sat down at my house to have a few drinks. In the meantime, I learned about
Işık’s breasts as well as her legs and the color of her underwear
. I gave my card when I was leaving, and I
wrote my mobile phone on the back of it.

My phone rang while I was sitting at home with tiredness after work on Friday evening.
“What are you doing tonight?”
said a pleasant female voice from an unknown number. Then she introduced herself. I was excited. We decided to go out together
. He said I’m coming by car, you don’t take your car. About an hour
later, the light was in front of my house. I got in the car. The view was great.

She was wearing a short white floral print dress. Almost all of his wonderful legs
were in front of my eyes. We went to dream coffee.
Despite the summer heat , we drank 3-4 cognac sodas with the music. We got bored and
came to the violinist. The violinist’s tongue was deciphered. Hugs and touches continued
. He said let’s go. We got in the car.
He asked me to drive the car . I said I would have an accident, he asked why? I said I’d bump into something just because I’m going to look at your legs
, and he laughed.

He started the car with his legs open. The already short skirt came together and
mine began to push on her pants.
Bosphorus tour started from Beşiktaş . Around Ortaköy, my hands were on his legs. Her legs were creamy and
slightly sweaty. As my hands moved up, the expression on his face changed.
The first time I touched her pussy I saw her bite her lips and the first ‘ahhh’
came. His underwear was a tiny thing of net-like fabric. My fingers
got into her pussy first from the side of the panties, it was wet.

Between her legs, cunt juice, cream and sweat were mixed.
After poking my fingers in and out a couple of times , I started working on her clit. By
the way, he wasn’t idle, he was
playing with my tool that he took out of his pants. As he wet his hands with the cream smeared from his legs and patted
the head of the tool, I started to go crazy too. He stopped the car and took
off his pants in one move.

A little later it was in my 3 fingers. We came home after an hour of
awkward foreplay with no talking and while the car was driving.
As he stretched and folded his arms behind his back, I suddenly grabbed his hands and
tied them with the belt on the shoe rack. He was surprised.
He was scared when I blindfolded him with a tie . I immediately gagged him and forced him to bed.
I spread her legs and started licking them.
I was inserting it slowly,
at first it kicked but then it started to squirm like a fish. Water was running down his legs
. I took off her dress. His shaved cunt was right in front of me. I slowly
started to insert the head of my tool. He trembled. I was inserting it slowly and then I
loaded. I took out my tool when it was about to explode. The little towel in your mouth
He cursed when he took it out. I brought my dick to his mouth. He understood what had happened.
He started licking it, sucking it into his mouth. When I tried to
pull it out, he hurt me with his teeth. She continued to suck.

I started to discharge. Semen was dripping from the corners of his mouth, but
he wouldn’t let me out either. Eventually he couldn’t breathe and left.

I untied his hands and eyes. He looked at me like I was an alien. But
he was in good spirits. He lay down on the sofa without speaking. When I brought water for him to drink,
he was not in the hall. I started looking for the house. When I entered the bedroom
, he attacked me and we fell on the bed together. When that wonderful body
combined with those strange-looking eyes,
she gave people an incredible desire for sex. We started again with 69. Then he laid me down and got on top of me.
I got inside and the real fun began.

His pussy’s muscles were so developed that he played with my hand like he was playing with my dick
. As I prolonged my commute under the influence of the first ejaculation, his
shouting increased. It started to bite. His nails drenched my hips, then
my back and shoulders.
He was sucking and licking the bloody places with a strange expression on his face .
He was trembling under me as I rooted and ejaculated one last time .

We were strangely
eating ice cream and drinking coffee when the first light of the morning came through the window. Poured over ice cream. I licked. He turned his back on me
and smeared ice cream on his hips, I licked it. He lifted one leg and rubbed it into his
asshole and chuckled. I licked it too. He was wiggling his anus while I licked

I started playing with my finger. He spread his legs wide and leaned against me.
I shoved it in the back first, but he took it out with his hand. Then
she pulled her hips all the way back and put the head of my dick in her asshole, and I slowly
started to enter. He took it in with a straining sound and casted it. Then he let go
and leaned firmly against me.

I got up on my knees and put him in the dog position without getting out of
him. Once it was loaded, there was an ahhh sound again. He was in control of his ass
muscles as well as his cunt and he literally emptied me by sucking his ass.

We had such strange lovemaking for about a year, even during lunch break
.. These are also the subject of the next articles.

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