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Hello, my name is Arif. I am a 55-year-old, slightly overweight, not too beautiful, self-contained, married woman. We’ve been making love with my husband for years, I had 4 kids and a grandchild, now my 2nd grandchild. My neighbor Mert who fucked me is 29 years old. She is married too. His wife is not very beautiful and he has 2 children. Mert had longed for me for years, and I loved him like my son. How do I know that your horny dog ​​wants to fuck me? Yes, despite all this, I am cheating on my husband. I’m ashamed of them while living these things, but that’s the pleasure, I can’t let go. Mert’s wife went to their village for a week or two, so we were alone at home. I did not know that his wife was going to the village, I knocked on their door at noon on Sunday. After waiting for a while, Mert opened the door, he was only wearing panties. I was surprised, it was the first time I saw him like this. “Here you go Arife, my sister…” she said. “Our folks went to the sea, and I was bored at home, so I came to sit with your wife.” I said. “Of course, come in, my wife is in the bathroom, I’m going to get dressed, you come in…” He said and went to the bedroom. I went into the living room, what do I see? Video was on in the hall, a great Fuck movie was playing. I was shocked. I just stayed there, I couldn’t make out the sound. I sat on the couch and immersed myself in the movie. When I turned my head, I saw Mert coming. While I’m going to get dressed and come, the perverted guy who took off his underwear is standing in front of me naked! He was looking at me and rubbing his dick. “What are you doing? Your wife will come now!” I said. “Don’t worry Arife my sister, my wife went to the village, I lied to you, there is only the two of us at home!” she said. I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick, he had a thick and comfortable arm like an arm. stroking his dick, he said, “Arife sister, I like you very much, I want you, I want to be your slave, please don’t say no to me, make love to me!” she began to beg. “Are you hungry son? I guess it hit him in the head? What part of me do you like? I’m your mother’s age!” I said. He said, “I’m sick of your ass Arife sister, I want to lick and fuck your ass for hours!” said. In the meantime, my eyes fell on the movie that was playing, I saw that the man had a kinky ass and fuck the ass, I had softened, and I was in a state of wanting a dick. As a not-so-beautiful 55-year-old, I enjoyed being desired by a young man. I looked at his dick, it was still upright, but I didn’t know what to do, I’ve never been fucked in the ass in my life. I would just lie on the bottom, my husband would climb on top of me, fuck me in the ass for two minutes, and then he would ejaculate. I was just someone who experienced fucking like this. Mert slowly came to me, He put his hands on my breasts and started squeezing. (I don’t wear a bra in summer). He took off my clothes and lifted me to my feet, snuggled into my breasts and started licking… Then he took off my panties and threw me on the sofa. He spread my hips to the sides and touched my asshole with his tongue and said, “Ohhh, your ass hole is great Arife sister!” he began to lick. I had never experienced such things, it was so enjoyable, I passed out. Then he straightened me up and said, “Look, Arife sister, I like to speak abusive while I’m fucking, don’t be offended, you can swear at me any way you want, it gives people a lot of pleasure!” she said and dragged me to the bedrooms. As he walked in, he said, “Go on, bitch, fuck your big ass and wake up, you bastard bitch!” she said. I was thoroughly embarrassed and unsure of what to say, I was even beginning to fear that this boy would kill me here. “Kneel before me bitch and lick my dick!” said. “I never licked it, I don’t know…” I said. “Cut it out bitch! You’re such a bitch, she should take you to a brothel and sell it to men, you’ll be a good whore, you fucking jerk, come on lick my dick bitch!” said. I was starting to lick it novice, it tasted weird, but I was enjoying it too. Especially how mert was moaning. “Why are you silent, my sister Arife, speak up! Curse me, I like it!” she said and pushed me back on the bed. Then he got on top of me and started kissing my lips. Kissing my earlobe, neck, throat, he lifted my arm and started licking my armpit. At that moment, I cried out, I was enjoying it very much, it was a wonderful thing, I was going to die of pleasure. “Enough, you bastard, you killed me! If you’re going to fuck it, fuck it!” I said. “Ah, that’s it!” he started licking my other armpit. At that moment, I was ejaculated, I felt the water flowing from my pussy, it was a great feeling. “Enough son of a bitch, I can’t take it anymore, fuck me!” I said. He licked my belly button and landed on my cunt. He started licking my soggy cunt without hesitation, it was beautiful. Then he flipped me over, parted my hips and started blowing into my exposed asshole. I was having the second ejaculation when he started to stick his tongue in my ass and lick it. The bed was wet with my cunt juice. “I’m going to fuck your big ass now bitch Arife!” she said. And I said, “I’ve never fucked my ass, I can’t, it hurts, especially your dick is too big, I can’t take it!” I said. “Don’t worry bitch, I’ll soften your asshole and never hurt it, I’m a master at this and I’m an asshole. I’ll be the first man to have you in the ass!” said. And he started licking my butthole. He stuck his finger out one by one, he kept spitting in my asshole. “You stay like this, don’t move, I’ll be right back!” she said and ran out of the room. When he came back, he saw the thing in his hand and said, “What are you going to do with it?” I said. “My bitch Arif, I will give you the best taste in the world, don’t worry!” said. It came with ice cream in a bowl. “What are we going to do, eat ice cream?” I said. “Hush right in front of me, look what I’m doing to you, you fucking bitch!” said. I was doomed and began to wait. I screamed as I parted my hips and felt his lips on my asshole. His lips and tongue were as cold as ice. He started licking me while eating ice cream. I was getting very angry as he stuck his ice-cold tongue in my ass and ass like fire. “Fuck my horny dog ​​if you’re going to, fuck my ass, pussy, whatever you want, you bastard, son of a bitch!” I was shouting. “Yes, Arifem, curse me just like that!” he stopped licking and put his dick dipped in the ice cream bowl right on my ass hole and started to shove it. The huge cock had entered my ass all at once, I felt his balls on my pussy, it was hitting my ass. This time I was swearing desperately, “You ruined my ass! Son of a bitch! bastard! Horny dog ​​with his mother fucked!” I was saying. She was fucking me in my ass with even more pleasure. As I shoved it up my ass, “Ohhhh Arife my sister, you have such a sweet ass!” he was saying. After fucking my ass like this for a long time, I got used to it and I started to enjoy it. I was pissing off your sister’s ass, my lion, my stallion, my horny dog, Merti. Finally he said, “I’m coming bitch! ” he said and emptied into my ass and slumped over me. He just lay on me for 10 minutes, his dick got smaller inside me. I covered my asshole with my hand and immediately ran to the bathroom… I took a bath, just as I was about to leave, Mert entered the bathroom, “Will you wash me too, Arife sister?” said. “Sure, come here, my horny bear!” I said. She sat in front of me, and I started to wash it. I thoroughly washed it all over, I washed your balls and your dick, I rinsed it, I rinsed it too. “Arife sister, come here, turn around, raise your hands and grab it from the hanger!” said. Standing, I raised my hands and grabbed them from the hanger. Mert spread my legs, “Wait like this!” said. One jog went to the kitchen, came back with an empty beer bottle. He washed the bottle, soaped the mouth of the bottle, and started shoving my pussy from behind. He was pushing the bottle halfway in and out. Then he took the deodorant of his wife standing in front of the mirror and put it in my pussy and took it out. This kid was a complete pervert. Then he made a fist with his hand and stuck it up to my wrist. That’s when he emptied me once again. After he fucked me up my ass one more time, he parted the lips of my cunt with his hand and started peeing inside my cunt, pressing the head of his dick. Then he left me alone and went to the living room. I came to my senses and went to her after I took my shower. I looked and he was lying on the sofa bed, “What happened, horny dog, are you tired?” I said. He glared at me and said, “Yeah I’m tired, you ruined me bitch!” she said. And I was like, “You really ruined me, you asshole pimp!” I said. I had to go home now, ours were almost on their way. I got dressed. He led me to the door. He kissed me one last time on the doorstep and said, “More will be better! Don’t wear panties when you come near me again!” said. “Okay I won’t!” I said and went home. This is the story that I live and that makes me happy. We still fuck every chance we get, Mertle. But he never fucks my pussy, he always fucks my ass. “What a cunt to me, I’m an asshole, I just fuck an ass!” he says, he doesn’t say anything else, perverted guy…

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