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hi… I am joining this site from Giresun, I
know that I am a subscriber of this site. I am 36, my wife is 27 years old, I have been married for five years. My sex life
is not very good, the reason is because my wife is conservative.
If we have enjoyed sex until now, it has been the result
of my superior efforts. I was undecided whether to write my story that happened to me and
finally I decided to share it with you. 5-6 months after we got married, my sister-in
-law came to us to study. he was studying at the university for 2 years and he used to come
and go as we were close to the school
. She was well-groomed, even more beautiful than her sister,
she was a girl who was not as conservative as her. she was walking around the house very comfortably. one day early from work
I came, there was no one at home, so I took advantage of this opportunity and went to the bathroom.
first i wanted to shoot a party to relax myself because no one was home so i
didn’t fully lock the bathroom door. By the way, my sister-in-law
entered the house without ringing the bell because she had the key.
He is watching me while I was shooting 31 . He noticed that I saw him and immediately went inside
. My brother-in-law said that my sister was very lucky and not every woman could eat this big cock
and started stroking my dick with her hand. I didn’t
even realize what it was. my sister-in-law undressed in a snap and came to me, she was taking my
boy in her mouth and sucking and licking.
I was stroking her breasts and buttocks . he stopped licking my boy and turned to me this is uncle
I want the dick, but I’m a virgin, he was begging to find a cure
. I said the only remedy, I said, he accepted. I started licking her cunt, she is
sucking her cunt, stroking her butt. By the way, my sister-in-law is flying in the air with
pleasure . The sister-in-law wanted to escape from the beginning, but I didn’t let go, I tried to get inside by loading slowly. By the way, sister-in-law, I beg you, my brother-in-law was saying, I can’t take it, please leave it. on the other hand, i didn’t hear it at all and i was able to insert half of it by loading quickly . this

I waited a bit and got used to it. I was able to insert it all by slowly
moving back and forth. The sister-in-law had gotten used to it, the pain
had given way to pleasure. The sister-in-law’s ass was tight, so she gripped mine tightly.
my sister-in-law started begging me to go back and forth, so I
didn’t break her, I was holding her by the hips and pulling her in and out. the sister-in-law was freaking out in front of me like she was raving with
pleasure. In the meantime, I was shaken and burst
behind the sister-in-law, and right after that, my sister-in-law came by shaking and
we collapsed to where we were. When the fear of my wife’s crossing caught us,
we immediately washed up and left. After a while, my wife came home and we
were sitting at home as if nothing had happened. This relationship continued for 3 months.
Schools broke up and at the end of the year, my sister-in-law got married. His wife couldn’t make him
. I can’t sit on my ass
, he said I got married. My sister-in-law said to him, I wish my husband
was like him, I wouldn’t want anything else. Even
my brother-in-law jokingly said lend me a night or two, sister, and her sister was very
angry with her. sister-in-law tells them. After the sister-in -law got married, our
relationship continued. Every part of the sister-in-law was free to me. If her sister had allowed her, she would have been
free every day. He didn’t give up, but we got caught last week,
he yelled a little, but when he finally made the two of them, he stopped.
I have a wife and my wife who didn’t give it from behind got me pierced there. With this
fire in my sister-in-law she makes me fuck a lot of girls and women

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