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Hello, first of all, I would like to point out that. It will be a great pleasure for us to share this article with you
and read about my wife and I’s experiences
and remove your big cocks and tight pussy
. My name is murat and my wife’s name is Şevval. No matter how perverted
I am, my wife, on the contrary to me, is a conservative woman who wears a headscarf, performs ablutions and prays
. We still have a beautiful, peaceful and happy marriage. I am 28 and my wife
is 27 years old. We have been married for exactly 5 years. We haven’t made a child yet.
My sex drive outweighs my enthusiasm for children. I met my wife during the high school
graduation exams. We were 18 at the time
. 1. 70 in height, 55-60 kilos, down to the waist
Her black curly hair, olive-black eyes,
her bouncy breasts that had never been touched by anyone, and her full
hips that protruded slightly back caught my attention and
prepared the ground for meeting. I made my offer at the first opportunity. At that time, she did not wear a headscarf
, although her family was conservative, they let their daughters go about
it. As a result , we
had been together during the excitement of the 1-month exam that was accepted and reinforced our love.
Like all young lovers, we
had some escapades during our dating period, and we had fantasies such as kissing and handshaking in secluded corners
. He took her to us once when no one was home.
We laid her on the sofa in the living room and whitewashed her underpants
and we both ejaculated.
But after that, the tears that flowed from his eyes made me very sad. The reason for crying was purely due to the contamination of his own spiritual
feelings, the rupture of his artery and the
thoughts of how I would do such a thing.
But I would bring her to us whenever the house was available and I would go further
and lick her hairless, clean pussy and that beautiful asshole of the same cleanliness, bringing us both to
And those innocent tears that fall behind every relationship . We wanted each other so much
that even when we were apart, we called each other,
We were seducing each other on the phone, in
line with the words cunt, ass, cock, I was screaming and he was
panting so that his family at home would not hear. It was my military age and
I got a rejection from his family, who asked me not to lose my love, which I love very much.
But he promised to wait for me and I had done my military service with peace of mind
. My longing for him increased and I was shocked on our first date
. because my lover appeared in front of me in a hijab. He
asked me if this would be a problem for me, and of course I
answered absolutely no. Her new outfit suited her very well and it made me
fire even more. Before this fire goes out, he will be taken to Ankara Segmenler Park.
I sneaked into his toilet, leaned against the wall, and ejaculated while standing
Later, he established a business for myself with the support of my family, and the
other party, to whom we received no answer in the first attempt, agreed to give the girl this time
. Our engagement period went well, but
keeping a relationship for a long time
causes both parties to lose some excitement. Once again, I went to my fiance’s house as a guest. We went to
the kitchen to be alone. Even though we were both horny, Şevval
knew how to control himself. But he couldn’t stand my insistence
, and after a while, I was giving him a normal size
cock of 18 cm, which I took out of my pants, and I was making him jerk off.
We crashed into the wall.
But that day my ejaculation was a little late.
For this reason, I murmured that I had a different request from him for the first time .
I asked him to tell me fantasy .
I wanted him to tell it like he was making love to someone else and not me .
Maybe he made the mistake of his life by not hurting me and not going against it. He brought his lips
close to my ear and told me again as if I were someone else and
I had a great ejaculation. But that other person he was talking about was me.
It went on like this often, but I
couldn’t get what I really wanted to hear from him. We got married and got married.
On the wedding night, I fucked her many times until the morning. My wife is as horny as me
he wasn’t and he was fucking in bed very casually.
I gave it to her mouth when she was engaged only once and ejaculated. And surprised at what had
happened, she spat out all the offspring. We weren’t able to do either anal or oral sex, but
she enjoyed having it done to her. I would make him lie down and lick his cunt and ass for hours and make
him tell fantasies. When She started to tell, I would tell her
to change it when I didn’t like it and let her tell me
the fantasy I was looking for and wanted.
She used to say that the things she told did not give her any pleasure, and that
she only told it because she knew I enjoyed it. I
wanted her to tell me when she was fucking a guy with a big dick. And often arguing
We were getting out of bed, leaving the sex halfway. It was such a time again.
They had an argument while they were making love on the sofa bed in the living room, and I
was sitting in the single chair while he was on the bed. After a few minutes of silence, he sat up
in bed and asked me, “Do you enjoy it when I cheat on you?” he had asked a
As I looked at him without answering, he said, “If you want me to cheat on you, it’s
not that hard. I make a random phone call from here and call someone
home. I’m sure he’ll come right away,” he continued. It made my dick
like a stone. I immediately got down on my wife’s knees and
started licking her cunt like a boat in a whirlpool. “You want me to cuckold
you, do you?” she asks me questions too, “yes my wife
horn me! I want you to cheat on me! I want to watch you fuck
!” I started giving answers.
He said, “I will do it, but you see, if you say crazy to a crazy person forty times,
he will be crazy. Let me give you horns and see your day,” he continued
and infuriated me even more. Damn, I was licking, sucking, smelling forty tongues per second , and trying to get my tongue
in by going down to his asshole
. “Do it, my wife, deceive me. Fuck you big dicks
. I was laying the groundwork for my wife by saying “Fuck them to your heart’s content” and
trying to encourage her. Pussy lips are incredibly
puffy “oooooh! Yes I want it! I want big cocks! Fuck me!
Don’t worry, I’ll make you watch it too! But you’ll be content with just 31
. Now I can fuck with anyone I want whenever I want.
Lovely. What an understanding husband I have. Ohhhhh. Lick my husband. Put your tongue
in me. ” he said, conveying this pleasure to me without needing to hide it anymore
. Now my wife was in full swing.
Despite continuing her five daily prayers, she was getting horny in bed like a whore and telling me incredible
fantasies. Every fantasy he told made me incredibly
hard and caused at least 8-10 drops of my semen to come out
. I don’t know what it was like, but I enjoyed watching
my wife fuck with other people .
Let me also point out that
I am an incredibly jealous husband. I used to not let my wife say a word about other men,
but now the reins are gone, if she were
to say “How handsome is that man,” I couldn’t speak up. One evening
, we went to a cafe on Ankara Yüksel Street. We were sitting across from
each other, chatting and eating our pizza, when I
realized that my wife’s eyes were not comfortable.
“Where are you looking, my wife?” When I asked him, he told me that a
25-year-old boy sitting at the back table was constantly looking at him. My dick
was cut like a stone in the moment and the hysterical movements of my wife made me turn on even more
. I got up under the pretext of going to the bathroom and sat on the table behind me.
I saw two handsome young men sitting with a dark, athletic build. Then
I returned to my seat and sat down, and was confronted by my wife’s question.
“Husband, you wanted me to play you.
If you still want that, your horners are sitting at the back table. What do you
think?” I swallowed for a while. My fire of jealousy
dimmed compared to my fire of pleasure. My dick was under such pressure that the words “yes,
wife, I want you to fuck with them” spilled from
my lips without thinking. my wife” if you really want to see me fuck with them,
you need to invite them to the table. “He was
guiding me on what to do. Then don’t get the salt from the boys at the back table
We entered into a mutual dialogue with the pretext and invited them to the table.
These young people, whose names are tolga and koray, made
us laugh that night with their sense of humor. We left the cafe at around 23:00
and offered us to go and have a coffee.
My wife was so eager when presenting this invitation that if the boys refused us, my wife would
almost sit down and cry. When we got home, my wife said you go to the living room and I’ll
prepare the coffee and went to our bedroom. I followed right away.
As soon as she entered the bedroom, she put her hand on my dick and said, “I’m going to put
a horn on you soon that you will never
forget it for the rest of your life”. I was almost ejaculated at that moment. “Now you go inside
And just watch while they fuck me, my husband,” he told me
. I continued, “Enjoy tonight,
my wife, fuck them to the fullest”. my wife ”If this first try makes me a habit , I wo
n’t interfere. You asked for these, and you
have to endure the rest,” implying that he will have such requests from now
on. “Whenever you want, my wife,” I said and approved her.
Then I went to the living room. Five minutes later my wife appeared at the door. My
wife, who hadn’t even cut her hair in front of another man,
was standing in front of us in such a way that I couldn’t believe my eyes. She wore the black silk nightgown I had just
bought her, the black lace and satin panties, and

She was standing in front of us like a bitch, wearing her bra, perfectly made up . “How would you like your coffees? sugar or milk
?” she smiled mischievously. Tolga and Koray could
not get over their amazement and looked at me and my wife
and set up their tents in front of their trousers, where they would camp tonight. Here,
I took over the floor and said, “Well, friends, your coffees have arrived, here you go.
“It was a unique opportunity for both of them to present my wife to them. my wife
sat between the two of them and
stroking both cocks over her pants, “You’re going to fuck me all night tonight. My husband
is very keen on getting his horns put on him and me
wouldn’t you?” he started to piss us all off even more. Tolga implied that
he had a lot of experience in this field by saying, “Whatever you want, this is what we do best .”
My wife took both cocks out with great impatience and did not neglect to say provocative words to me by saying, “Oh
, such beautiful cocks are like this, they are worthy of my heart, isn’t it, my dear husband?” I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was so excited, I was pulling my dick out. my wife does the blowjob she didn’t do to me with great pleasure to two men in front of her, licks both cocks at the same time, goes up and down her balls, big as if she’s never seen a cock

he hungrily put it in his mouth. These cocks were very similar to each other, like twin brothers
. Both were around 20-22 cm thick, veined
. I mean, it’s cut out for my wife. Later, Koray
took off my wife’s underpants
and started massaging her pussy with his fingers. While my wife, Tolga, was rhythmically squeezing her mouth,
Koray started to lick his cunt that I could not get enough of his taste.
Koray was sucking with great appetite, sticking his tongue in and out of my wife’s deepest
and causing my wife to get even more horny. my wife ”ooooh
koray how well you suck my cunt. I have never enjoyed this much.
Ooooooh,” he expressed his satisfaction. Koray later
straightened. He started rubbing his animal-sized cock against the walls of my wife’s
cunt. This
pussy, which has always been used to the taste of my dick, looked like it would have some difficulty in getting Koray’s dick in. While Koray
continues to whitewash that tiny pussy, my wife said, “Come on, my dear, put it in
me now.
I want it deep inside me. Husband, come and
watch more closely. Look how your beloved wife is going to fuck her pussy now. Shove in my darling,
horn my husband. Ooooooh. “I found a more suitable position for
myself. Because I wanted to see all the entrances and exits. Koray then
started forcing his dick head into my wife’s tight pussy. The dick
is crawling in my wife’s cunt, she’s breaking the walls of her cunt

he was expanding, trying to give more pleasure to the dick in his cunt by contracting himself in my wife .
Koray had put it to the root and accelerated his entrance and exit. my wife
‘s constant contractions indicated that she was ejaculating. I already
sent the second post. My wife was wrapping her legs around Koray’s waist
, making incredibly agile
movements to get the dick in its depths. I don’t remember ever fucking me like this before
. On the one hand, he was licking Tolga’s cock with great appetite
, preparing it for his pussy soon. Koray grabbed my wife
‘s legs by her wrists and lifted them up into the air, and on
the other hand, he was squeezing her and saying “how bitch do you like my fucking style?”
was spending.
My wife went crazy with pleasure “ohhh yes darling you
fuck me very well. To this day, my husband has never fucked me so well.
If I had known you were so beautiful, I would have given you the horns a long time
ago, husband” he insults me, but this was driving me
crazy with pleasure. I could see the entrances and exits more
clearly by going right behind Koray. He was really fucking perfect. Every time he snorted
, pleasure juices gushed from the corners of my wife’s cunt, rhythmically
hitting my wife’s asshole on the balls. Koray could not stand it any longer and gave the signals that he was going to ejaculate by making wheezing
sounds. my wife said, “ejaculate in me,
darling. Put out my pussy’s fire.
I want to feel your offspring in my deepest. Squirt into me.
Ooooh. Oooh” Koray finished the first post properly and
gave the turn to Tolga. The moment I saw my wife’s cunt contaminated with semen, I could not help myself
and ejaculated once again. This is the image I really wanted to see. I had a hard time
not licking her cunt for a second. Tolga lay on his back
and sat my wife on the top of his dick. My wife, who was burning with longing for a
dick, took Tolga’s dick in one move.
And he started to sit up and get up at a fast pace .
On the other hand, “how do you like my husband, fuck me? Look how
nice I am drinking. Can you see clearly your entrance into me?
pass me to the root! teach my husband how to fuck a wife. Ooooh.
Come and lick my ass, my husband. I want you
to lick my ass,” said my dear wife, who deemed it worthy of me to lick her ass.
I started licking her asshole with a bigger appetite, separating her hips with both hands.
With this excuse, I was rubbing my tongue as if it happened by accident on Tolga’s balls
. My wife is very horny “lick it, my husband. You made your wife very
happy tonight. You fed me to the wound.
Now that I’ve tasted them, I can’t sit still. So my darling, fly me.
Ohhhh,” he was already laying the groundwork for his future wishes.
Tolga’s fucking capacity was also excellent. every time my wife fucks her
he was squirting out Koray’s offspring in a tanzik manner. I had no hesitation
in licking these tiny particles of sperm that occasionally splashed on my face .
I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I guess I
had some fagot instincts.
And in my opinion it was an emotion that was present in half of the men . I licked my wife’s asshole
and brought it to a consistency that could contain Koray’s hardened cock. I was wondering if
my wife, who had never given me an ass, would be able to say “no” to these two men .
Then I made an eye sign
to Koray and showed him my desire. Koray was already satisfied with yesterday. I wanted two
dicks to enter my wife at the same time. I slid aside to koray
I made room. Koray immediately put his thick and hard cock on my wife’s ass.
My wife’s first reaction was just to tense herself up a bit. Then
Koray started circling the smooth head of his dick around her asshole and
getting it ready. My wife had relaxed a bit and made it
clear that she wanted it.
In the meantime, I thought that my wife would not be able to contain this cock, so I brought Vaseline from the drawer
and started to rub it into her asshole. I was literally preparing my wife for another
It was obvious that he was very pleased with my actions . Tolga rooted his dick in my wife’s pussy and kept it inside. During this
recession, Koray pressed the head of his dick against my wife’s ass.
got him in. My wife was moaning, opening her ass cheeks with her hands and
gently pushing her ass back, causing Koray’s dick.
The dick, which was advancing in millimeters, had reached its target and had
penetrated into my wife up to her balls. Then they started to fuck my wife with a rhythmic tempo
. My wife was moaning and screaming with delight and she was fucking herself madly
. It was as if he didn’t want this to end
. my wife is having a great orgasm, her ejaculations were endless. At one
point, Koray shoved his dick deep into my wife’s ass and kept it inside. The dick
was swelling in my wife’s ass, my wife was massaging this dick by squeezing her ass
. Tolga continued to get in and out of his pussy in a fast way.
The cooperation between them was good.
They were acting professionally as if they had done this together before
. The four of us were about to empty. Koray quickly pulled his dick out of
my wife’s ass. My wife now
had a huge hole in her ass. It is impossible to find this view even in the most beautiful photographs. While Koray
was pouring his hot semen into my wife’s asshole, Tolga
started to squirt deep in her cunt.
I made an explosion with my hand that I have never experienced before. Without exaggeration, my semen was up to 1 meter high
. That night, they fucked my wife to the fullest until the first light of the morning.
The scene of the two of them ejaculating into my wife’s mouth at the same time and my wife
swallowing the semen without wastage was also a great sight.
When I put it in her mouth for the first and last time, my wife
ate and swallowed the semen from these two young men with pleasure.
My wife had already picked up their phone in a flash when we said goodbye to them from the house without anyone seeing them .
As I was closing the door behind them, my wife turned to me and said, “Husband, this new
image suits you very well, your horns look great”, making me
horny again and making me lick the semen she still holds in her with
pleasure. She had her legs parted, pulling my hair out,
pressing me into her cunt, and then sitting on my face, making me drink all the
semen and giving me a new habit.
After that day, my wife didn’t rest as if she was used to being rabid.
and he always wanted new dicks, I never said no to this situation that I caused
, I fucked him with other men and I closed the finale
by licking the sperm in his pussy every time.
Now we want to hang out in groups with married couples . Those who have such a desire should not
suppress their feelings and let them enjoy this pleasure. If you send me an e-mail, we will
write. Believe me, you will not go unanswered.
Thank you for sharing this memory with me .

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