Hello, I’ve been following this site for a long time, and I wanted to tell a
story, anyway, without further ado, let’s get to the subject, our family
relations are very good. Anyway, one day after I made love with my girlfriend, I took a shower and went out, I sat on the sofa in the
living room with only my bathrobe
on and my brother sat on the busse between my feet and
said , can you give me a massage?
I said yes and started massaging her shoulders and slowly I was
touching her breasts from her armpits and meanwhile my brother buse
is not making a sound, she was just saying very well and moaning, but these
were because of the massage, after a while I lay on the sofa and started watching TV
and my brother sat right in front of me and I when i say i can’t see
she said ok and suddenly lay down on the room sofa
but i wasn’t comfortable my brother’s hips were an
inch or two apart and i couldn’t relax and buse realized that and said relax and
relaxed me and i let go and i
started rubbing her hips and stroking her hips with one hand it’s
ok When he said we are brothers, everything went back to normal, I
pulled back my hand and myself,
but after a second or two it was time to go to bed and buse put her
hips on me and stood up like that and my mind was on her hips
anyway, after a couple of hours I was in her room, I was
stroking her hips from under her nightgown. and slowly
He started to undress her and started to kiss her magnificent breasts with small kisses, she
suddenly turned on her face and
kissed her back again and started to go down. I started to go down with one hand on her pussy from below and I started to
caress it
. He
was saying and I said ok and I
was stroking his cunt with one hand and
rubbing his asshole with the other and I was running my dick around his asshole and making him more
aroused and finally after I got used to it I was leaning his head and loading and
finally his head went in
when he tried to push me with one hand but it was useless and slowly inside
when I started to enter, their moans were getting louder that while I was stroking her butt with one hand
and stroking her cunt with my other hand and forcing her inside with my fingers, and as her
moans were getting stronger, I covered her mouth with my hand and inserted
it all at once and waited for a minute or two, then
the door opened as I started to go back and forth slowly.

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