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Hello, first of all, I am Kerim, 19 years old, 172 height and 68 kg. I’m a dapdar Turkish boy. I’ll tell you how I fucked your ass. My curiosity started about 3 years ago when a tall hairy man leaned on the bus, nothing happened that day, but it started to arouse different feelings in me. From that day on, I started looking for suggestions from hairy macho-looking men. Two years later, I started to visit gay chat sites and while talking to many people there, I started talking to a man named Rasim, who is obviously Kurdish. When he asked about height and weight, and when he answered, he started to talk abusively as if I would make you my fag. He constantly insults me like a fag ball, but for some reason, instead of getting angry, I was getting more horny.

Then he said meet me, there is a place for the faggot, so I just gave a blowjob, but I said because I was afraid, first he refused, he made me beg, then I just said rub it and he agreed. we talked on skype, i opened my ass, off he said ass that has never been fucked and he opened his cock. My mouth was left open. It was something thick, like 20 cm. His groin and balls were full of hair. When he saw me like that, he laughed and said, are all fags the same, but I was looking at him in surprise. Then he said come on asshole, get out of the house, come to the address I gave quickly, and hung up. My hands and feet got tangled up, I got ready immediately, I took my few hairs, then I went to Taksim, I searched for her house there, I finally found her, I called her and I said I’m at the door, Off, my bitch came to my feet, she said. He opened the door, I entered, I went down one floor, he opened the door, he slapped my ass while I was taking off my shoes, it hurt me a lot.

I said slow, but he told me there is nothing slower from now on, he sent me as soon as I entered the door, he started rubbing my ass over my pants, then he said what an ass do you have, you son of a bitch, then he officially threw me into the hall. By the way, Rasim was a 38-year-old 180-year-old 112-pound bear-like man. Then he got undressed and said to me, what are you waiting for, undress, faggot. When he sat on the chair, he had only white underwear and socks on his feet, his feet smelled and for some reason I liked it, if it was overweight, the front was yellow. Squat in front of me, my boy said. I was slapped hard while I was trying to pull off his weight by crouching in front of him on all fours position, my eyes filled with tears, I shouted at me, I asked you if the son of a bitch would take it off, he said sorry, smell my cock, he said.

It had a very sharp smell, a mixture of urine and sweat, he said, then take it out, and when I took it out, his hairy cock came out. The smell got more intense, come on, let’s go, smell my balls, he said, I smelled it as I smelled it, then it made my mouth open, he spit, he said, I swallowed, then I licked his sweaty crotch.

Then he shouted fagot and started throwing it in my mouth, don’t swallow it, he said, don’t swallow it, he gave the order to open his mouth, I opened his mouth, he said, well done, my boy, swallow it now, I swallowed it ohhh my fag said it’s me by the way, my dick was still leaking because I didn’t notice a drop fell to the floor, pissed off fag, what did I tell you, not a single drop will fall she slapped the floor then calmed down and said you bitch and sat down again i was standing on the floor surprised at what i was going through on the one hand pleasure on the one hand I was experiencing pain on the one hand she lit a cigarette then she said come here fag He said he’ll make a perfect fag by licking my neck. At this time, his hand was on my ass. He slapped me. I said ah, he hit me again, then he said spit on my hand and I spit.

He spat loudly on my leg so that the hole was empty, he put the spit in my ass again, he started to stick his middle finger, just when he was going to say don’t do it, he said, “If you say a word, it will be worse,” he said, and he started to sting, your ass was too narrow, he said, he took it out, then he licked my feet, he said, I started licking, then fucked when i started to get up he said lick my balls crotch and he was rubbing his dick then he got up he turned his back on my ass he said tongue out fag he leaned against the wall and started sucking on my neck while he was grabbing my ass and slapping my hole.

I just got scared and said you won’t fuck me right? Ddi then spit loudly, drove a dick again, he put it in my ass, started brushing, I started to enjoy it, he was snoring while rubbing, he was sucking my ears, he was cursing offensively, then he left me face down, he said, put a pillow under me while I was lying on my hole, this time your dick was sticking in my hole, you won’t put it in my hole she said, slapped and started to press me now I was dying of pain she put her panties in my mouth and tried to put it again spit and tried again this time crying as her head went inI started.

He started to tell me don’t cry, you’re going to be a faggot, you’re going to love him a lot, when his head came in, my eyes darkened, I counted the stars, he said, ahh dear, I’m breaking my virginity, and he started to move and he started to move, I’m dying of pain, he sucked my ears and said, you took your head in my ear, faggot I was getting used to it slowly, I was getting used to it. I was getting used to it. He said and suddenly he pressed his balls in my ass I started to shout he shouted at me fag shout my boy no one in the apartment they can’t hear you said and started pumping smack smack soundit was coming out and I couldn’t escape.

I couldn’t oppose the 100-kilogram man, then he stood up without letting me out of my mind, he pumped while standing, then slammed my feet while leaning against the wall and fucking, but he continued to smack, then he pressed it, I made a toast with the wall here, he started to fuck faster and faster, he said beg he said for my ejaculation and my semen, he started to beg. finally he pressed hard and his dick started beating like a heart inside me he pressed it again and then he took it out and i fell on the ground we were covered in blood sweat and all of a sudden i farted because it was hard the man said look i’ll fuck you fart here he said your blood, he laughed and spilled his last semen on me and sat down and lit a cigarette while I was trying to come to my senses he said get up and threw my clothes away I got dressed while the semen was running hard on my ass butI couldn’t walk.

Officially, he said that Kurdish cock man would do this, he said, “Come, I’ll hit your ass again, when he gets better, I said I won’t come,” he said, “I’ll come, if you come, I’ll even beg you,” he said, “I’ll beg you if you come.” He sent me through the door, I took a taxi and went home, but I couldn’t even sit in the taxi when I came home with difficulty, my panty was a mixture of blood and sperm, I washed it with cold water. It bled a little bit, then I went to sleep. 4 days passed. My ass officially itched and believe me, I went and begged. I will tell you about it another time.

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