While his older brother was holding a porn magazine in one hand , he
was rhythmically
rubbing his dick, which was quite large for an 18-year-old, with the other. Leyla’s young cunt that started to tremble slightly wets
, and despite the fear of being caught, she could not move away from where she was
. As Ahmet neared ejaculation, Leyla
could hear his breathing turn into a wheeze.
He had watched his cock squirt between the pages of the magazine . His older brother had put the magazine under his bed
, pulled the duvet over him, and went to sleep
. After watching all this, he wanted to comfort himself. To fulfill this wish
, he returned to his own bedroom. soft young pussy
as she caressed and rubbed her newly budding breasts, she was dreaming of her older brother Ahmet’s big hard
When Leyla came out, she did not moan like her brother
. He always tiptoed on the way back from school and
watched her room. He was very quiet, as quiet as a snake
. But he seldom caught it. Because when he
came from school, Ahmet was out of the house. When her brother left the house, he was looking for
magazines under the bed to use for his own masturbation. His favorite pages were the pages of his brother’s dried sperm
. Big tits fucking in various positions in the magazine
and seeing Leylas with shaved pussy excited her. Mostly
, Leyla was relaxing here in Ahmet’s room, where she saw him jerking off.
As Leyla grew older, she was improving her methods and
ceremonial masturbation in Ahmet’s room. Watching her brother’s
actions aroused her, and since she had never been caught by him, she began to watch
less and less in secret and more boldly
. When Leyla turned fourteen, she had the appearance of an advanced, wonderful young girl.
She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, a striking face, a stunning physique, and
breasts that were quite large for her age. One morning, while Leyla was getting
ready to go to school, she was with her brother Ahmet’s father.
He had heard them talk. Her father ??Do not take your eyes off Leyla??
Ahmet was saying. ??She develops rapidly to become a young Leyla and if she is not
careful, she can become a tool for malevolent intentions.?? Ahmet
??don’t worry, I know, I keep an eye on him?? he was replying.
When Leyla started high school, Ahmet was driving her to school with the car they just bought
One such day, Leyla wore a sexy blue dress that hugged her body and showed her everything . When Ahmet saw this , he
was bored, so upset that he revealed his Leyla. ??
Isn’t this dress a little too much??? asked Ahmet in the car.??What do
you mean??? replied Leyla??You know?? he grinned
replied Ahmet, “What do you mean, you are a dirty girl, if you
dress like that all year, there is no one in school you don’t screw up????It doesn’t matter to me??? Leyla replied
. This pleased Leyla.
Her brother had noticed the beauty of her body . When they returned home from school that afternoon, Leyla said she was going to take
a shower before meeting her friends and went into the bathroom.
He went in, turned on the shower, quietly crawled out and
began to observe Ahmet’s room. Ahmed closed the door. Leyla
began to observe him through the keyhole. He could see that his brother was ejaculating. This
time he did not have a magazine, on the contrary, he was lying on his back with his eyes closed. Leyla
watched for a few more minutes and then went to the bathroom and finished her shower.
Wrapped up, she came out and walked silently down the hall. Ahmet’s
door was open, right in front of the door ??accidentally??
He dropped his towel . His aim is to jerk off Ahmet? was to give.
With her back to Ahmet, she bent to pick up her fallen towel,
revealing the plump curves of her shaved cunt. He picked up his towel
and headed towards his room. Ahmet’s facial expression was worth
seeing. Ahmet had closed his door again. Leyla once again came to Ahmet’s
door and put her eye to the keyhole. Her brother’s dick had
hardened again… Leyla was sure that she was now a slave to
her audience.
they reported. ??We won’t be here for the weekend, you’re too old to take
care of yourself and be alone?? his father continued.
??I don’t want friends and parties at home on the weekend alone, got it???
When the weekend came, Leyla and Ahmet were alone at home
. Ahmet retreated to his room as usual and
started his ritual masturbation activities, and Leyla was carrying out a similar activity in her own room
. She was wearing a strappy
T-shirt that was tight enough to reveal her breasts. She had pulled her T-shirt up and
left her breasts in the cool of the night. Her nipples were hardened, her
legs slightly spread apart so that her fingers could see through. fully ejaculated
just as he was about to relax, the door of his room suddenly opened. ??A-ha!!!?? shouted
Ahmet, who came in. Your little pervert, that’s what I was predicting.??
Leyla pulled up her panties, pulled down her t-shirt.??Shut up?? ‘
Leyla replied, ??As if you’re not jerking off with Hustler magazine
…????Don’t talk, you’re the one caught red-handed?? replied
Ahmet.??ee what?? ‘ replied Leyla, her face flushed, as if she had gone mad
. Leyla and Ahmet were face to face and Ahmet was
looking at her as if she was accusing him. ??You cum in your room every day?? said Leyla, poking her finger at her
brother’s shoulder. “Well, another…” Ahmet replied sarcastically
. Leyla got very angry. He wanted to slap her in the face. Your hand
He had lifted it up when Ahmet caught it in the air. ??I don’t want to fight with you
Leyla?? said Ahmed in a soft voice. He pulled his sister closer to him and
tried to kiss her. At first, Leyla wanted to continue the fight, but
she realized that she was excited and aroused just like her brother. Ahmet
gently pushed Leyla on her back to the corner of the bed. He pulled his T-shirt off.
??You have great tits??? he said while kissing Leyla. ??I want you forever
?? he continued.
Ahmet was stroking Leyla’s breasts with both hands . Leyla could see her brother’s hardened dick through her shorts.??I
like watching you so much?? she said as she reached for her brother’s dick
. ??to empty the magazines slowly, then quickly
i really enjoyed watching????Mmmmmmmmmmm, ooghh??
‘ his sister shouted as she crafted for him. ??to the phone… aaaooooooooohhhh while running…
uuhhhhhmmmm boobs bouncing yaaahhh… uufffff uufff I like it
uufffff ooohh… ooooaoaaah??Leyla’s lips
had started to work on her brother Ahmet ‘s..
Ahmet tried to talk to his sister , but he could
n’t say anything, not knowing what to do. Leyla was grasping the balls with both hands and putting the big cock
in her fourteen-year-old mouth and pulling
. ?? bitch,
where did you learn that ?? Leyla was enjoying the sperm in her mouth.
she swallowed it and said mmmmm it was delicious. Leyla was lying on her back while
wiping her mouth with the top of her hand??worth you?? Ahmet pulled his sister
‘s panties down and parted her legs. He watched the lips of his plump-shaven cunt closely
, then parted it with his tongue.
“oooooooo!” Leyla shrieked lightly. “yeahhhh yes there, right
there… ohhhhh Ahmet…. mmmmmm” she moaned as she
pinched her own breasts lightly. Stimulated by her sister’s tongue, the orgasm didn’t last long.
Layla shuddered. ??Fuck me?? said Leyla, ??That’s great but not enough
?? Ahmet pleaded, “Come on, you start?” said. Leyla rolled over and
got on top of Ahmet. He grabbed her hardened cock and shoved it inside. Ahmet
He slowly
started to get up and down on her big dick as I caressed and squeezed her tender breasts. He was moaning softly by the
way.” iiihhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhh!… shouted
Ahmed. Leyla was slowly getting up and down on the leaf,
then she accelerated. Leyla’s
hips were hitting her brother’s calves as Ahmet’s tough husband got in and out of his cock. Breathing
accelerated for both of them. Ahmet pulled Leyla over him and
started to suck on her lips, kneading her breasts while
continuing to pump them. Then Leyla started to shake. She started
hitting that big dick with all her might. She also
increased her moans “ahhhhh … you’re amazing darling” she said, “oooh, I can’t stand it
He started begging, “empty me”, “ooooohhhhhhh gaaaaaavvvddddd”
, shouting with enthusiasm, Ahmet started to empty, trembling. It was gushing into
Leyla, too , started to tremble and orgasm when Ahmet `s warm sperm filled her inside
. He lay down next to Ahmet
and fell asleep .

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