I am a young man who is known and loved by his environment. My body size
is liked by most young girls, but I
like mature women who are older than me.
They do not purr like girls because they know their job well and know no boundaries in bed . The entire story I am going to tell
is true and in no way taken from somewhere or fictitious
. The incident started at the beginning of last winter, in December 2001,
and is still continuing.

Since my brother was a truck driver, he was always going long distances. Since I was studying in high school at that time , I started to stay with them so that I
could study and not leave my aunt alone .
I used to think about
my aunt before, but I had no idea of ​​making love to her in any way
. One evening, we were alone with my aunt, watching TV. We were both
sitting on the floor and my aunt started to watch, leaning her head on my lap
. I was playing with her hair too. My aunt
used to hold my dick by making a lot of pranks on me, she would say that she’s grown up or something, and she would make me
horny. This time, with his head on my dick, he started stroking it with his hand and
naturally my dick started to rise slightly.

Then my aunt started to speed up the movements of her hand and
said that you have become a grown man. At that time, I slide my hand down her hair, I went down
from her undershirt, first to her waist, and from there to where her panties were
. My heart felt like it was going to explode. My aunt ‘s and my hands
were both accelerating as if they were acting together.

Flaming… The faster my aunt caressed, the deeper
I started to go, and with my hand under her panties, I reached
first her asshole and then her flaming cunt as she was lying on her side.
I adjusted the middle finger of my right hand to his pussy and started to put it in and out. At that moment
, my aunt’s breathing accelerated and she
started to squeeze my dick as if she was going to tear it off. When I accelerated my movements, my aunt began to tremble
and her already narrow cunt began to squeeze my hand more. I
had not ejaculated yet and I did not want to ejaculate like this. Because
I was sure I was going to fuck him at the end of it.

After he came to himself, we sat on the seats next to each other and
he asked if you regretted it. I said no, we both wanted it and he
replied that it was. Then I lay next to him and put my hand on his pussy. After
playing for a bit, she started to moan again and I started to go
down from her breasts. I wanted to pull her panties to the side and lick her cunt
but she thought I’d fuck her and said no no.

He said I should have asked for it first and said not now. At that time
, a car sounded outside and my brother honked the horn. My aunt
said, look, your brother has already arrived, and I was still in shock. My brother would stay at home that night, and I would
sleep in the TV room. Then my brother
said he was tired and was going to bed. My aunt prepared my brother’s bed, put him to bed and
came back to me.

Then we started kissing again. While my aunt was preparing my brother’s bed, I
had already opened the sofa bed that I was going to sleep on and made it for two people. I
laid my aunt on my bed and this time began
to undress her clothes and began grabbing her soaked cunt from under her skirt. It
was very pleasing to both me and him. The bed was not enough for us, we went down to the

I never wanted it to end… Meanwhile, my aunt had locked the door of the room with the key
and came back to me on the floor. While I was lying on my back on the floor
, my aunt started playing with my dick. I never wanted this moment to end, and when
my aunt took off everything she was wearing
, there was an image that was really hard to bear. My aunt took my sweatpants off my legs and started to sit on
my dick, facing me .

He was jumping on the one hand and moaning that he was ohhhhhh sooooo beautiful.
I was stroking her breasts while I was fucking idle, and sometimes
biting them when she reached over me. My aunt liked it very much. Then
my aunt suddenly started to speed up and her pussy started to squeeze my dick more
At that moment, I realized that my aunt was coming, and I started banging on the bottom . My aunt said yeseeeeeeeeerrrr and ejaculated convulsively
and I then emptied all my semen into her cunt. She had it tied
because she had given birth before, so since there was no possibility of having a child, I
easily had all my offspring thrown off her head.

After resting for a dunk, my aunt asked again and
after I fucked her one more post, I sent her to my brother. My brother had to leave early in the morning
, so he left the house at 5 o’clock. As I couldn’t
sleep, I heard my brother’s door knocking and
I went straight to my aunt’s bedroom. I will explain this in my next post.

Note : By the way, if there are young
ladies or married couples from Samsun and its surroundings who want to have a relationship with me, we can write to me and meet.
You can be sure you won’t regret it. Because I care more about foreplay than fucking
. I don’t start work without emptying my woman while I’m fucking

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