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We have been married for 16 years. My wife was very far from sex at first. She has been
making love like crazy for the last three years. By the way, we started to develop fantasies, by the way, I was constantly encouraging you
to get more satisfaction with two
He said
, I knew that man, and when he invited him to dinner, he jumped headfirst and came
home in the evening, we started drinking alcohol after eating our meals, by the way,
my husband and the man started kissing as I went out to the kitchen, and the last time I went out
, I entered the room a little late. We started kissing and licking
all over
her like crazy.
When the lovemaking continued for a little more, my wife started to moan to put it in
and of course we were going to offer it to the first guest, just when the man was about to enter my
wife, my husband moaned to see if you could hold the man’s cock and put it in,
I did what he said involuntarily . He said come in
behind me and get me a sandwich. He used to rarely give me a sandwich. Is it possible to turn down this offer from behind, so I entered through my wife’s ass, the man was in the front, I started to be loaded from behind, my wife was ecstatic, she was almost flying, and we exploded at the same time as the man.

he put his dick in my wife’s back my wife was both feeling pain and enjoying it
that night the three of us slept in the same bed until the morning I fucked my wife
and this relationship still continues If I’m a man she likes , she fucks herself that night, but every time she informs me and asks me to be with her and fuck her inseminated pussy after those men, let me tell you, my wife’s pussy is much sweeter when I get fertilized.

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