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Hello, I’m Mette. I am 23 years old, 1.88 meters tall, brown haired male. I am the only child of my family. I am a 3rd year student at a private university. Asiye, the other heroine of the incident that happened to me, is a 35-year-old, 1.70-meter, 58-60 kilos, a beautiful brunette widow who has a great physique despite being the mother of 2 children, whose beauty is well above the average. The event that I am going to tell took place in Antalya in June. Before moving on to my wonderful experience, I would like to give you some information about Asiye. Asiye’s ex-husband left Asiye 10 years ago, when her eldest child was 4 and her younger child 1, to go to Germany to work, and she hasn’t called and asked again for 10 years. Asiye also accepted her fate and raised her children by cleaning the houses.

This event that I will describe happened when we were moving into our new house. Since my mother and father were working, I took care of all the housework. In the 2nd week of June, my mother said that the house would be cleaned and I should go and take the cleaning lady home and help her and get the things she wanted. I went to pick up Asiye from her house at 8 o’clock in the morning. We went home first and he told me what I needed to get. Since the house is a new site, there was construction waste and it was quite dirty. Asiye said there is a lot of work at home and the cleaning will take at least two days.

When I went and got what Asiye wanted, Asiye had changed her clothes for cleaning. When I arrived, Asiye was wearing wide shorts, not too short, and a little tight on her breasts with the ‘I’m here!’ There was a blouse that made you say. When I saw Asiye like that, even though she had her 11-year-old son with her, I thought of mischief and I was provoked. In fact, I was not planning to stop by her except to leave the materials and just bring food and take her home in the evening, when I saw Asiye like that, I decided not to leave the house. Although Asiye said she could handle it herself, she allowed me to help her on my insistence and using the construction wastes in the house as an excuse.

Actually, my aim was to have a little conversation and try to impress him rather than helping him, and I was successful in this. During that day, I both helped Asiye and had a very pleasant conversation. While I was addressing her as ‘Asiye Sister’ that day, she started to call me ‘Mete’ at first, and towards the end of the day, with sweetheart. Our stance, which was quite distant at first, started to become more sincere after the conversation progressed.

There were even minor physical contacts and innocent touches, and this provoked me thoroughly. This is how we spent the day, and just as we were about to leave, my mother and father came home towards the evening. Later, our people went to the old house and I left Asiye and her young son at their house. I said I would come and pick him up in the morning and we left. I was happy when I returned home, but I knew that I would not be able to bring the intimacy to the level I wanted since Asiye would come with her son Murat tomorrow. This made me miserable and despairing. In addition, I had worked so hard to help with the cleaning in order to have a conversation that I was dying of exhaustion. But I was still looking forward to the morning.

And finally morning came. Here I was again in front of Asiye’s house. I waited impatiently for Asiye to arrive. A short time later, Asiye arrived and got into the car. “Come on! Lets go. We have a lot of work to do today.” said. “Where is Murat?” I asked. He said that Murat did not want to come today, that he could not convince, and said, “Today we are alone …”. As soon as I heard this, I stepped on the gas for fear that the boy would change his mind at the last moment and want to come. I was not drinking. Today is my lucky day and I was starting to grin stupidly just because the opportunity came my way. “You look very happy today.” He said and we started chatting in the car. I was so happy and hopeful that I didn’t understand how the 20-minute road went…

We were home and Asiye went to the back to change and came back a few minutes later. She was much sexier than yesterday. Yesterday’s short and somewhat loose shorts were replaced by narrower and shorter shorts, and yesterday’s tight but somewhat decent blouse was replaced by a white, tight and strappy blouse. She said that we got to know each other a little bit now, so she dressed a little more comfortably today. I was complimenting him by saying that he was very beautiful and that young girls could not compete with him.

It wasn’t actually a compliment, it really looked that way, or so I thought because I was conditioned. Although the day started so well, the sweet, sweet addresses that started towards the end of yesterday’s conversation were replaced by Mete again today. Besides, she was acting very cold, trying not to talk too much. I fell into despair. But when I saw Asiye like that in front of me, I was encouraged and I was trying to take the sincerity much further than yesterday.

My aim was to impress Asiye as soon as possible and she wanted the same thing as me, namely having sex. Until noon, I had nothing left to do to temper Asiye. But I felt like I was getting closer to getting what I wanted. Now was the time to act. While Asiye was wiping the windows, I was holding Asiye up as an excuse so that she wouldn’t fall. Of course, while I was holding it, I started to caress his legs slowly without being noticed. But I was checking Asiye out of the corner of my eye in case she would say something wrong. Here is what I wanted. Asiye didn’t say anything, as if she was confirming what I was doing.

As Asiye finished her work and came down the stairs with my help, I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me and immediately pressed her lips to hers. My heart felt like it was going to stop. Here we were, but Asiye suddenly pushed me and said, “What are you doing? Are you crazy? Behave yourself!” she started yelling at me. I said that I was very impressed with him and that I had been dreaming of him since yesterday. Asiye continued to talk angrily and threatened me saying that she would not do anything nonsense and that I should get rid of these thoughts as soon as possible, otherwise she would go immediately and tell everything to my mother. On the other hand, I was still trying to persuade Asiye and telling how much I was impressed by her and showering compliments.

Seeing that Asiye softened a little, I approached again and brought my lips together with Asiye’s lips. Asiye just stood there, not responding, but this time she wasn’t resisting either. Asiye left herself to me and stood like an idol. While I was kissing Asiye like crazy, I started to caress her breasts with one hand. The rebel did not respond at all, but slowly began to moan. And as I touched it, I felt with my whole being that her nipples were getting hard. After a minute or two, Asiye was also starting to respond.

A passionate kiss ensued as Asiye began to reciprocate as well. I was trying to grab his upper lip and he was mine. Our languages ​​were touching each other, entangling with each other, almost becoming one. As we continued to kiss, I put one of my hands inside her tank top, stroking and squeezing her breasts. Every now and then I would pull my hand off her breasts and tuck them into her shorts, stroking and fingering her cunt. I found and caressed her clitoris by touch and felt her hardening. Asiye also put her hand in my pants, playing with my hardened dick, making me even more aroused…

After a while, Asiye took my shirt and pants down with her own hands and I was left with only my boxers. I took off her blouse and bra, and Asiye was standing in front of me with her erect breasts. I spread our clothes on the floor like a cushion and gently laid Asiye on her. I immediately started licking and kissing her breasts. From time to time, I bit her nipples, and with one hand I kept fingering her cunt and stroking her clit.

I kept kissing, licking, and biting my teeth, starting from her belly button, first on her chest, then on her neck, lips, and ear. Asiye, on the other hand, was groaning slowly and continued to growl indistinctly. It was obvious that he was enjoying himself as much as I did. And I slowly started to pull down his shorts, then I quickly took off his panties. And here was Asiye’s perfect cunt, soaked with pleasure…

While stroking Asiye’s cunt, I was kissing and licking her legs and groin. And finally, my lips and tongue met with Asiye’s pussy. I was licking Asiye’s pussy with crazy people, kissing and pouting. I was almost intoxicated with the pleasure liquids coming from Asiye’s pussy. I was sticking a few fingers in Asiye’s pussy and continuing to stimulate her clitoris with my tongue. Asiye was screaming, delirious with pleasure. Of course me too. Asiye said, “Enough! I can not stand. You destroyed me. Now stick that cock of yours!” she shouted, which turned me on even more. In the end, Asiye had a screaming and trembling orgasm if she didn’t act (and if she did, she’s a pretty good actress).

This orgasm gave me as much pleasure as I was myself. After this orgasm, Asiye immediately got up and pulled down my boxers. And now Asiye was face to face with my dick. As soon as he puts the boxer down, he says, “Come on! I want you inside me. You destroyed me!” he was provoking me. I said, “Now it’s your turn. Take that in your mouth!” I stated that I wanted a blowjob. Asiye said that she had never done it before, that she could not do it. I convinced him that it was very enjoyable for both of us, that we would experience the same feelings as we enjoyed while licking his cunt…

Here, slowly Asiye was taking my dick in her mouth and licking it up and down. It was obvious that he was a novice and it was his first time, but the fact that Asiye held my cock in her mouth and put it in her mouth made me swoon. He was getting more comfortable and better blowjob. I, on the other hand, was holding Asiye’s head, inserting my dick all the way, and going down to her throat. I was about to explode when I pulled it out of her mouth and laid Asiye back on the ground. I pushed her legs towards her, Asiye’s pussy was in front of me like a pumpkin.

Now it’s time. After wetting Asiye’s cunt a little more with my saliva, I slowly inserted my cock into her cunt. When he started to come and go slowly, Asiye started to moan. I started accelerating. As I accelerated, Asiye’s moans accelerated and turned into screams. Asiye’s screams and the sounds that came from the meeting of my groin and Asiye’s hip were making me even more aroused and speeding up. In addition, Asiye said, “My love, my man, my husband, my dear, my sweetheart!” it made me even more excited…

And Asiye began to tremble again, breathing rapidly. He had another orgasm, screaming louder than before. On the other hand, I was squeezing myself more than I had ever done before, trying to hold on so as not to ejaculate. After Asiye’s second orgasm, with a sudden movement, I twisted Asiye into a doggy position. When I got to this position, I noticed the sweet dimples on Asiye’s hips and filled those dimples with my thumbs. (While Asiye says that holding those dimples on her hips like that makes her feel very agitated.) And this time, with a sudden and hard movement, I rooted my dick in Asiye’s cunt until the end. I started commuting very fast.

Asiye was screaming, continuing to say words that would make me gassy, ​​“My love, my husband, please cum inside me! I want to feel your offspring, your warmth inside me!” he exhilarated me. I was accelerating as he spoke, and soon Asiye began to tremble and shudder beneath me again. It was obvious that he had another orgasm, and he could not control his body under the influence of this orgasm. A few seconds after Asiye’s last orgasm, I experienced one of the most beautiful orgasms I’ve ever had in my life and ejaculated inside Asiye. Then we both collapsed to the ground, kissed for several minutes and showered each other with compliments.

We fucked 2 more times that day. But despite all my insistence, I could not convince Asiye to have anal sex that day. Of course, cleaning that day was a lie, and the next day, we cleaned with Asiye and we fucked again. Then I ran to the pharmacy to buy the morning after pill, while Asiye continued to clean…

Now Asiye comes to clean us once a week and whenever we get a chance, we fuck and try all kinds of fantasies.

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