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Hello to my mother and my aunt , I
am 18 years old, my only growing limb was that my dick grew so fast
last June it was 12 cm now it was 18 cm then it was like a thin water pipe, now it
was exactly 5 cm in diameter, the only bad thing is that it is very
difficult to hide, even impossible, there is nothing to do when you are in your pants.
We live with my aunt , who is a giant mother, at my mother, my aunt is widowed, my mother is
tall, big ass, big breasted, big but very beautiful woman, she just turned 36 years old and she is pretty
attractive. My aunt is a tall but quite big
woman but not fat. but
my brother-in-law turned out to be homosexual, I always laugh when I think of it,
so my aunt, the girl went, the girl came, only my mother and I know this because
I am a doorbell and ront specialist. I get along very well with my aunt .
I share all my secrets with her. March 18 was my birthday. I turned 18.
We celebrated with my friends during the day and one of us in the evening.
At dinner, my mother brought out raki and they started to drink it, while I was diving into cold appetizers and
smacking the grills, meanwhile, my mother and aunt
finished 4/3 of the 70 raki and they distributed it. A slow music was playing. My
aunt got up and started to dance with incredible sexiness, she
took off her blouse and threw it with her bra and skirt. her dance became even more interesting, and
my mother was shouting that it’s halal, show you berna and scatter
my aunt, on the other hand, gets excited as my mother talks, rubs her breasts with her hands and rubs her ass.
I was looking at it stupidly. My aunt took off her skirt and
threw it right in my face, oh my god, the giant woman’s body was like a stone , I thought it was a lot
of oil, it was strangely beautiful, of course, mine was sewn like a pickaxe, by the way, I
was looking at my aunt with that eye for the first time, I couldn’t stand it, I went inside
and wore my tracksuit, when I came, my aunt was single she was squeezing her frosted breasts
. At this moment, the thing that shocked me was the event. my mom got up and took off her dress and started to dance with my aunt
like a pantyhose and striptease star, now they were both stuck in one pant, at that moment I thought that my mother’s body was great and that tiny panties stained that beauty just as my mother came in front of me and danced with her ass turned towards me.

I took the bread knife on the table and cut the waist
strings, which were as thin as the kilo

my mother was amazing now, I was going to see my pussy for the first time, but
the woman’s pussy was not visible from the front, I lay on the floor, I looked from the bottom, it was wonderful,
there were two small lips, it was clean, it was hairless, I got up, my dick was pushing my panties, it hurt, I turned to my
aunt and said come on, let auntie take off, let’s
release your butt so they can be free, my aunt she came to the minibus
and she immediately took off her pants now they were both dancing naked so
I said whatever happens I took off my sweatpants and my
sweetshirt on me my bottom is naked like a pickaxe I went behind my mother
and touched my petrified cock in my mother’s ass my mother was badly drunk
my aunt didn’t react by telling me my aunt is barefoot, fuck us
she was laughing, my mother turned and said the one who loves me should come after me and
went to the bedroom, we followed her to the bedroom, my mother lay on her back and opened her crotch and she was yelling for me to find
a man, but
she was really stinging and she was yelling to make fire come out of her eyes . I put it on the bed and adjusted it so that I could see what I was wearing and dived into the bed. I started licking my mother’s breasts and fingering her cunt . mine

big cock started to be buried in my mother’s pussy my mother’s uhhs
turned into ahhhh they screamed my cunt was burning I was in a
sea of ​​strange pleasure I ejaculated deep in my mother’s cunt but continued to come and go without removing
it, I said to my aunt, come here shyly
she came to suck my aunt’s fleshy cunt while my mom’s cunt
continued I started , as I
threw my tongue at the hard place between the lips, my aunt was jumping . I
was saying that there were big big soft bodies under my hands and I emptied my mother’s pussy
, my mother fell asleep, my aunt suddenly hugged my neck and fell on my lips , we hugged
each other tightly, my cock got
between my aunt’s soft legs, my aunt squeezed her legs and captured my cock
I was kneading and squeezing your ass and breasts
my aunt pushed my head down she pressed my head I was sticking my tongue in and
sucking she pulled it out of my hair she grabbed my dick this will tear my pussy
she said it will be slow so I said okay auntie you don’t worry I said
she took it in her mouth she started sucking it was big in her mouth she kept gagging but still trying to put it
up to her throat He didn’t give up, I sighed , fires
engulfed my whole body , and I burst into his mouth with a
jolt . and my dick

it was petrified again, it was buried slowly, and for a while it seemed to be forced and
suddenly jumped forward
. he said, he collected the clothes that were scattered in the room , he put my mother’s clothes on and covered her, so I said if I would fuck her gorgeous ass before my aunt wakes up, I said if she wakes up in the room. Never mind, I said it’ll be okay, he said okay, he put a pillow under my mother’s crotch, he said come next to me, my man, and he took my cock, his tongue is not worth it

mine was like a pile again he took his vaseline and oiled my cock well
he gave me vaseline and put your finger in his ass hole he said it would be soft
I did exactly that even my finger went into it it was amazing pleasure my mother’s
ass was really big but there was no cellulite or sagging it was like a stone I put my cock in
that big ass slit I put it in the
hole entered, I continued to load, it was very difficult, but I was continuing to insert it
. My aunt put her hand between my mother’s legs and tucked her cunt

I exploded when I pulled my cock, my sperm came out from my mother’s ass hole .. it was 04:00 in the morning when we cleaned up the
camera and went to bed , my aunt said I did not understand anything, she said, let’s do 2 halves when your mother goes in the morning, we laughed. she said, “I think you saw a tough guy in your dream,” they laughed.

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