Hello, I am Emine, 41 years old, widowed for 5 years, 167 height, 84 kilos, auburn hazel
eyes, fish skinned, closed clothes. I live with my 17 year old daughter
. While my wife was working abroad, she had a work accident and died
. After my wife passed away, I devoted myself completely to my daughter, so I did not
It was 6 months ago, I went to the garden early in the morning to hoe the neighbor’s vegetables . But because it was raining, I came back right away.
Our house was in the garden. Just as I was passing by the
window, I heard voices from inside and I was shocked when I looked inside the window. My daughter was 29 years old , my sister’s son was in my nephew’s lap and they were kissing and talking
lip to lip . -You kiss very well, brother.

-I would have given you greater pleasures, so you should save yourself for the man you will marry
bro, let’s get undressed at least
-No, just kissing, there’s no point in going forward
-Okay brother , I
was smitten with my brain. Kiss my own niece holding my own daughter in her arms,
sucking her lips, stroking her breasts over her blouse.
I was excited because I had been without a man for 5 years.
I started to caress myself by looking at them from the window when I should have destroyed that house on their heads , then
I came to my senses and shouted as if it was new, I went in and they
were right back. It was 8 o’clock in the morning. I asked if you had breakfast, they said we did
n’t. I told my daughter to make breakfast right away. HE
When I entered the kitchen, I started talking to my nephew. I loved you very much , my
nephew . While we sat down and had breakfast, I brought up the subject. Aren’t you ashamed, my daughter – What are you saying mom – Shut up, you are rude, I just watched you from the window, my daughter – What did you watch – Yes, my daughter – Please forgive me , mother – Yes, I will forgive you, but on one condition, my niece – Yes, what are your conditions, aunt – You will get married, my daughter

– Will we get married
– Yes, with a lightning wedding..
– As you see fit, mother
– Yes, what is mommy – I will be with you on your wedding
– What will it be like mom
– Shut up and listen You will marry Osman, but Osman
will be our husband to both of us
-Okay mom, whatever you want
– Osman do you accept
– You know.
A week had passed, I married my daughter and my nephew Osman with a lightning
wedding. It was a wedding without anyone.
Osman came to the room where my daughter was.
I took it. My daughter was sitting in a wedding dress. We sat down and said, “Look, guys , we’re all going to
live together. ” I undressed my daughter with my own
hands. After Osman licked and sucked my daughter’s whole body, I held my daughter’s head
. While my daughter was screaming and screaming, while I
was stroking and sucking my daughter’s breasts, the ottoman was fucking my daughter in her cunt. That
night, he fucked my daughter 3 times, 2 times until the morning. It has been 6 months since this incident
, now we live in the same house in 3 museums, we are
looking forward to our husband, that is, my nephew, coming from work in the evening. If he wants my daughter, if he wants
my daughter, he calls me and fucks me. I’ve
formed an amazing trio that holds my head in my daughter’s daughter

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