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Hello friends, I am with you again with my new experience without opening the door too much. In this article, I will share the threesome we had with Anıl and his friend Doğukan in my story “Where were you”. Note: I will share the development of the event as it is, in order not to offend the friends who want to write, as there are always the details of starting direct sex in their messages.

After that wonderful first experience with Anıl, we were in touch at least once a month. By making a plan and schedule, he decides on a day that is suitable for both of us; sometimes I go to him and sometimes he comes to me so we continued our relationship. Since Anıl can be constantly active where he lives, he preferred being passive to me rather than being active when we met. Somehow, I had an urgent job in Anıl’s place.

My job was not going to take long and I did not inform Anıla because I wanted to surprise Anıl while I was ready. My job took longer than I thought, and it was only 10 minutes before the end of the shift. I got in my car and parked my car near Anıl’s work place and walked towards the workplace. As I was passing by his office, seeing him sitting with 2-3 people inside, I went to a restaurant because I was a little hungry to spend some time. About 45 minutes later, after I ate my dinner, I moved to Anıl’s workplace again. When I looked inside, Anıl was sitting alone.

When we came in and said hello, Anıl raised his head and said, “Come in as normal.” After seeing me in front of him for a few seconds of shock, we got up and hugged him like two lovers. After he left, he closed the lights and the door and came to me again. After the normal life conversation a while ago, it was time for our topics. You came to me on the full day, and when I said that the friend I keep talking about will come and we will have something to do with him, my morale collapsed.

There was no one else in my surprise to the memory. Understanding that I am depressed, Anıl says if you want, I will call his friend and say let’s break the plan and hang out with you one by one. He left me in a very difficult situation by saying that I would be on a plan with you or I would not do it with anyone today. I knew the other friend in his absence because he was constantly giving me information about him implicitly. Anıl even made me talk on the phone a few times when I was with that person, but because I don’t like such unplanned situations. At first, I wasn’t very keen on the trio event.

The other friend was already on his way and was coming towards the office. While we were chatting, the other friend entered the office in a short time. Anıl got up from his place and greeted him and lowered the shutters. We introduced ourselves and shook hands.

The three of us sat on the seat next to me and we started to continue the conversation. Doğukan was 28 years old, 180 cm tall, 65 kg dark-haired and slightly effeminate. It was AP. In order to start the event as soon as possible, Anıl got up from his place, let’s not waste any more time, young people, it’s time to get ready, and left the office and headed towards the rest room at the back.

Doğukan was also not a stranger to me because we came here so many times. While we were entering the room, Anıl headed for the washbasin and left us alone. As Anıl entered the bathroom, Doğukan suddenly pulled me to himself and made my lips soft. After a short shock, I started to respond to him. I put my hands on Doğukan’s. He placed one hand on the back of my head and caressed my buttocks with the other.

From time to time, he squeezed my hips with his palms and sometimes put pressure on my hole through the gap of the jeans. After about five minutes of kissing, when Anıl came to us, it was my turn. As soon as I got rid of Doğukan’s lip, I was able to take a deep breath. I left my place with Anıl and headed for the washroom. When I made my preparations in a short time and returned to them, I involuntarily smiled when I saw them both undressed, naked and sitting side by side on the sofa. Then he started helping me undress.

While I was taking off my top, Anıl was the last boxer that helped me get rid of my jeans. After he caressed my penis for 1 minute from the top of the boxer, when he pulled it down, my semi-upturned penis was hanging up and down at the level of his face. Doğukan, on the other hand, lifted his penis and rubbed it up and down with his right hand. Anıl’s penis was completely deflated. This situation had already made it clear to us what we had to do. I turned to the chair and took my place next to Doğukan.

Anıl knelt in front of me and had already started to take mine into his mouth. I bent slightly to the side and started to speak of Doğukan’s penis, which he held with his right hand. Doğukan was trying to enjoy himself by pulling his penis from my lips from time to time, hitting it on my cheek and putting it into my mouth again. After a while, he grabbed my head with his hand and inside my mouth. It started to come and go. The body of his penis was thinner than mine, and a little thicker than Anıl’s. His was also mushroom-headed and his penis head was even bigger than mine. When he was around 17-18 cm in height, he could insert more than half of it into my mouth with every movement. Below, Anıl told me that he was enjoying the wonderful place.

After we did this cycle for about 5 minutes, Doğukan Anıla gave the order to get up and prepare the hole of the Euphrates for me. Anıl quickly brought me to the 4 foot position and fell into my hole, I was stable. Doğukan also got up from his seat and sat on the fulcrum of the seat and moved my head back and forth. He kept on giving me oral by making me go. He was getting up from his place and leaning towards me and trying to insert his whole penis at this moment, slapping my hips alternately and sitting down again.

Anıl’s tongue blows were now replaced by my fingers, and his 2 fingers were starting to go in and out of my hole, when Doğukan suddenly pulled his penis out of my mouth and quickly headed towards my hips. Anıl, pointing the condom, was watching Doğukan’s penis slapping my buttocks as Anıl put the condom on Doğukan’s penis beautifully. After playing with his penis in my hole for a while, Doğukan started to push my legs from below to my stomach and forced me to take the appropriate position for him.

While he was aiming to widen my hole by just pushing and pulling his head, Anılın Fırat’s hole has a fast-expanding structure and he said, “I haven’t licked it to such a degree until now, I’m putting it in without doing what you did,” Doğukan pushed my penis into the hole and loaded it in one move, so I inadvertently moved forward and prevented him from entering. He tried to enter it 2-3 times in the same way, but contrary to what Anıl said, he couldn’t insert it because it was too narrow for his penis.

While I was saying there is no cream or something, Anıl quickly took his place in front of me and put his medium-hard penis in my mouth and grasped my head, as soon as Doğukan dropped a whopping spit into my hole and started to force his penis into my hole again. My slippery hole couldn’t stand the pressure any longer. It didn’t even work for me to move forward anymore. Anıl’s penis was touching my throat with every move I made. After putting it all in and waiting like that for a while, he put both his hands on my hips and started to go in and out quickly. Every time Anıl’s penis touched my throat, saliva started coming out of my mouth. .

I barely got rid of Anıl’s penis and started breathing. Doğukan was still fucking me faster without losing any of his speed. The fact that I started to moan with every blow he took from my hips must have fueled Doğukan even more. After this fuck, Anıl was saying that I am sick, and Doğukan’s activity is number ten as you can see, confirming this. While I was thinking that when Doğukan’s speed in and out increased, I was thinking that it was time for me to ejaculate, he suddenly rooted and grabbed my hips with both hands, took me in his lap and found myself sitting on the sofa in his lap. His hands were still on my hips and he was directing me to sit up.

Anıl, on the other hand, immediately threw his leg off me in order to turn this position into an opportunity and positioned his penis in such a way that my face-level penis was in Doğukan’s mouth. He started to moan to fuck me with your tongue. Doğukan also started to blow on Anıl’s penis by moving his head back and forth. In the moments when I was rooting the penis to give more importance to Anıl’s hole, Doğukan would intervene and slap my hips quickly to make me move. I continued the cycle by starting. He pulled Anıl off of him and straightened up and brought him to the 4 foot position with my hips facing out. As he held Anıl, he made me lie down on me in the same way and took his place behind us.

Doğukan must have been an incredible fantasy lover, I think his horizon was so wide. He brought us to a position that we would not think of trying easily. He adjusted his penis to my hole by crouching slightly and started to go in and out. It allowed the hole to expand slightly. In a short time, he increased the number of fingers and realized that the hole was widening, as soon as he got out of me and straightened up, he started to enter Anıl’s groans by pressing and pulling his penis towards Anıl’s hole.

The moment his head entered, he groaned so much that that ahhh sound echoed in the room. Anıl’s moans must have pleased him even more that he completely removed his penis and applied pressure again and repeated the penis forcibly going in and out of the hole. At the end of the time, Anıl came close to my face and due to the pleasure he received, we turned my head and started kissing on my lips. Doğukan took control completely for 30-40 seconds.

After fucking us like this for a while, something different must have occurred to Doğukan that Anılı lifted me up and told us to change places. Now Anıl is under me and I’m above him. poured it into Anıl’s hole and fed it well. The thing that came to Doğukan’s mind was the fantasy of having sex with 2 penises at the same time, which Anıl talked about frequently in our meetings and correspondence.

He had also shared it with Doğukan and now Doğukan had started to work to turn this fantasy into reality. The moment he took a condom from the side and quickly put it on my penis, held my penis and adjusted it to Anıl’s hole, my penis was inserted into it without any difficulty with the effect of the cream. He was making me fuck slowly. After a while, he started to force the hole under my penis with one finger and then two fingers.

The moment he felt that the hole was wide enough, he came out of me and started to press with all his might from under my penis. Since his penis was thicker than his fingers, he couldn’t find a way, and he officially poured the cream into the hole. When you bent over Anıl’s ear, you almost always wanted it, look, it’s coming true, just be patient, you’re going to fly out of pleasure soon, and his moans became more frequent.

Doğukan took strength from Anıl’s hip and loaded himself so heavily that I, together with Anıl, officially felt that his penis could go deep into his hole from under my penis. The moment he inserted it all, Anıl was out of breath and trying to get used to the pain. He started pushing and pulling his hips slowly back and forth. Anıl, who had been in pain for 2-3 more minutes, must have been relieved now that his cries started to give way to ohhhs every time we snuggled. While I was trying not to apply too much pressure and not come out of the hole, Doğukan increased his speed considerably and started to pull his penis all the way down to the root.

With the hole being narrow enough, due to the contact of the two rubbing penises, and as a result of the activity for almost 25-30 minutes, Doğukan came to the limit and got rid of the condom in an instant, got out of Anıl, turned his head towards himself, put his penis in his mouth and started to ejaculate. He took it out and filled Anıl’s mouth too much. While Anıl was waiting for Doğukan to pull his penis out of his mouth, Doğukan had to involuntarily swallow all the offspring when Doğukan rooted his penis further and blocked his nose so that Anıl could swallow it.

Doğukan, who left Anıl’s head at the end, took his penis out of his mouth and sighed deeply, you were amazing, I have never experienced such a sex before; Thank you to both of you, he started to speak. Anıl got over the shock and took off my pulp. When I said that I won’t be able to sit on my ass for a week because of you, I broke in and said that it was bad, now you have done what you wanted, and Doğukan agreed with me. It was my turn to ejaculate. I turned it on its side and quickly took my place behind it. I adjusted my penis and started to go in and out of the hole, but the hole was so wide that I couldn’t enjoy it when it was like it was going back and forth in space.

It was my turn to be dominant and he was a little surprised when I turned to Doğukan and asked him whether it was painful or not. Well, I was passive yesterday and it was painful now, how would it be if I weren’t passive now? That’s what you were going to do, so when you said answer the question, Doğukan had no escape point. All right, he just said painless and headed for the sink.

When Doğukan entered the bathroom, I was surprised when Anıl quietly said let’s fuck him so that he could see who is dominant Don’t worry, I’ll talk later, I’ll deal with it, you just keep up with me, I couldn’t find any choice but to nod. When Doğukan came to us and took a sitting position, I immediately asked Anıla to prepare the hole for him, and he brought Doğukan to the 4 foot position and started to cream and finger his hole.

While looking at Anıl in surprise why he wasn’t licking, I saw that Doğukan had hair in his hole. Anıl hadn’t told this before and frankly, I was a little disgusted with the sight I saw. When I got up and put my penis in Doğukan’s mouth, I was wondering why people wouldn’t come to meet in a sterile way. Anıl’s anger is now added to my anger. The first thing that I can’t tolerate in sex is lying, and the second is disrespect to the person in front of him.

He got wide enough and started to force the hole as he put the condom on his penis, saying, “If you’ll excuse me, I’m entering” and he started to force the hole. Since Anıl’s penis is the thinnest among us and Doğukan was passive hours ago, Anıl entered without much difficulty and started to move. He was going in and out so hard that Doğukan was moaning with every blow, but he couldn’t breathe easily because my penis was inside his mouth, he was trying desperately to enjoy being fucked.

After Anıl said put it all in and you have it all, I got out of my sitting position and stood up on the sofa, and I grabbed Doğukan’s head with my hands and started to put my penis in and out until I gagged him hard and fast. Doğukan was drooling all over because of the saliva coming out of his mouth.

I quickly put the condom on my penis and started to press it lightly into his hole. I was actually going to be kind to the Eastkana, even though Anıl said to be tough in every way, but because of the bad view I saw in his hole, it made more sense to me to do what Anıl said instead of being kind. I didn’t need to think too much, after all, he said that a dominant person can be passive in the same way, and when I suddenly got up and inserted my penis halfway, Doğukan made the room groan with an ahhh sound. In my second load, his hips, which had been completely tucked in, touched my skin. I started to move back and forth lightly 5-6 times, saying are we ready, and I started to go in and out of my hands quickly one after the other.

Doğukan had let himself go and was trying to enjoy the pleasure of being fucked. I kept going in and out without interruption for 20-30 seconds, then slowing down to rest for 20-30 seconds. I was trying not to look at his hole, and I was fucking so hard without coming out of it that finally Doğukan’s knees started to tremble. Seeing this, Anıl Doğukan was leaning on his ear and trying to piss off Doğukan by saying if you have ever ejaculated from your ass, you are ejaculating now, and you are ejaculating while you are being fucked hard. The moment I came out of his hole quickly, the liquids coming from him started to flow down Doğukan’s legs. In order to change the position, I turned my legs into the shoulder. While I was putting the mattress on the floor under her, Anila sat on her head and told her to put her penis in her mouth and pull her legs as close to you as possible, and her hole was already in front of me.

Without touching my penis, I took a push-up position and started hitting it hard. I was pulling out all of my penis, rooting it in one move and officially scattering Doğukan’s hole. Every time I hit it, it made a thin groaning sound. After my stings, his penis started to move. He was experiencing the highest levels of pleasure because of the direct entrances I made to his prostate. I got out of this position, put my knees under my hips and started to get in and out quickly.

As I inserted it fast, Doğukan started to moan with pleasure and his penis hardened. For a while, free your mouth from Anıl’s penis and fuck me; While saying this is a great thing, Doğukan started to ejaculate towards his stomach. Anıl hit the reel again, look who is a good fucker, see who is a good fucker, ejaculate like this without touching his penis, when I was saying, think once again, who do you think will be a regular, now I came to the climax. He must have understood that he started stroking his penis. I was in and out for another 30 seconds, when I got out of it and got rid of the condom, I started to ejaculate towards Doğukan’s face. Anıl squirted into Doğukan’s face 6-7 times with all the intensity from behind me. Doğukan’s eyes, nose and lips were covered in semen.

While I was out of breath, leaving myself on the couch, Doğukan headed to the washroom with the help of Anıl. Anıl came to me and showed me his satisfaction with the situation by saying thank you, you did not mislead me again. While I was expressing my thanks to him, Doğukan finished his work in the sink and came to me and extended his hand to me. I reached out to shake his hand and at that moment, there is not much in what Anıl told me.

Thank you for giving me such sex. When I said sorry if I made you sad by speaking big, I thanked him and said it doesn’t matter, after all, we are here to enjoy, if everyone is happy, I think there is no problem. I thanked him. We were already getting dressed when Doğukan said I hope this will come back and we will experience many more pleasures.

I gave my friends approval for the future and left them.

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