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I’m Ozge. I am 24 years old and I am studying in Istanbul. The event that I will tell took place 1 month before the end of my school. It had been 2 months since my boyfriend broke up with Zafer. I was sitting at home, chatting with my roommates Seçil and Elmas. We were talking about my boyfriend breaking up with Sinem, who I’m pretty sure he’s cheating on me with. So they started dating a week after we broke up. This made me very disappointed and undermined my self-confidence.

My recovery process took 1 month. I think it would have taken a long time without my friends. After a long time, I started to forget, but it still felt bad to hear them. The girls were also talking, no matter how much they wanted to reduce it. A class plan was made during this period. First, we’ll have dinner at a nice place. Then we were going to have a house party in a 2-storey detached house with a large garden on the Beykoz side. Hank would be there too. Even the bitch Sinem would be there. At first I refused to participate. It would only bring back bad memories. Then, with the pressure of the girls, I decided to come too. What they said made sense. I would be the loser and I would go and make Hakan jealous like a dog.

The house party had come to an end. We started with the girls. Seçil was wearing a sexy tight-fitting shirt and a nice skirt underneath. She added a diamond miniskirt and a sexy bustier and jacket over it. She crowned her outfit with a very beautiful cleavage. I was wearing a black dress with thin straps. I was dressed in socks called fishnet. My breasts were quite exposed and attracted attention. I decorated my outfit with my red lipstick.

Elmas’ boyfriend was going to take us to where we were going to eat. It was a pretty fancy place. Everyone had come. The motherfuckers of my class were making all kinds of bullshit, looking for ways to have sex one last time before school was over. I met İrem in the bathroom. She was a lesbian. He hugged me when he saw me. His hands wandered over my hips for a second or two. I wasn’t a lesbian, but my libido skyrocketed for a second. He will also be aware that I hold the hug a little longer. When we finished hugging, he said you were so sexy and placed a small kiss on my lips. I was surprised how to react. You’re so sexy, please don’t get me wrong, she smiled.

As I looked at him in surprise, he gave me another kiss, longer this time, on my lips. When Seçil entered, we corrected ourselves. He gave us the what’s going on look. İrem broke up with me and kissed Seçil a little and left the bathroom. I and Seçil couldn’t take our eyes off them for a while as they swayed their huge hips. When I told Seçil about the situation, she laughed and asked if you liked it. I smirked and said I don’t know. But I really liked it. We went inside to have dinner.

There was no seating arrangement. I sat in an empty place. Seçil was on my left and Oğuz was on my right. Hakan, on the other hand, was sitting across from me, looking at me from time to time. He followed me throughout the meal. Next to him was Selin. I guess they were just getting started. They were pretty friendly. This was enough to lower my morale. Once again, I went to the bathroom. I was about to cry. Seçil came right after me. He says please, he says don’t, he was trying to stop me. He saw that I did not stop even when he said that your make-up would be ruined. At that moment Seçil turned me towards herself and stuck to my lips. I was kissing a woman for the second time in one night and I was high again. This time I started to respond.

I was kissing in the toilet with my roommate of 2 years who forgot my sadness. I closed the cabin door and continued kissing for a while. I didn’t know what it was like, but I wanted Seçil like crazy. Turned me upside down. He was doing what I expected from a man. I was accepting his wishes and leaving myself to the mother. It took 10 seconds for her to lift my skirt and part my thong to the side. and madly started licking my vagina. “Secil, what are we doing?” I asked moaning. Shut up and leave yourself to me. I saw you kissing Irem. I’m bisexual girl. “How long have I been hiding it?” he said, begging me. I was enjoying it a lot, but I said it was so wrong. “Is it wrong that you’re soaking wet?” he asked again. I was moaning ahhh ahh. I was very wet. In the meantime, Seçil stepped behind me and said enough is enough. We should go to dinner. So now we can do this at home, she laughed.

We are back for dinner. This time I didn’t care about Hakan. I saw Seçil’s message. He wrote about Oğuz. We had a slight flirtation with Oğuz for a while. We had never made love, but we had a pretty good sex. Put your hand on your dick, he wrote it with the anger emoji. I looked at him saying how. He shook his head laughing too. Oh my god, I was so horny and couldn’t control myself. I put my hand on his penis without looking at him. He was very surprised. The right side was the end of the table. So no one could see it. It was facing the strait. I kept walking around with my hand, I couldn’t control myself. I was thoroughly confused now. I had become like my classmates, whom I was constantly eating.

At that time, I was the em bitch in the middle. I was sure no one would see it. Seçil leaned forward a little to reduce the possibility. No one could see from his left. Meanwhile, she was showing her breasts to Murat, who was sitting across from her. I confidently put my hand on the zipper. Oğuz did not prevent it while shaking his head in the meaning of no. He was also aware of the darkness. So I guess it was a little more comfortable. I unzipped his zipper and released Oguz’s dick. It’s up to him to recover from his Boxer. My underwear was soaked. He also put his hand in a leg search.

I groaned a little, Imhhh. I realized that I had to collect myself for Seçil rose. I had a chance to see his dick when Boxer left. I didn’t even see it once during our sex. Frankly, I had Hakan on my mind at that time. It was big, but not as big as Hakan’s penis. I was stroking him while he was stroking me. I wish this room was empty and he would just throw me on the table and fuck me. As if these weren’t enough, Seçil searched her legs. While I was stroking Oğuz, Oğuz and Seçil were stroking me with their hands folded between my legs. I was pretty low. All three of us would have realized that the situation was dangerous now that we slowly withdrew our hands. We tried to sit quietly until the meal was over. We succeeded, except for the occasional leg search and the hands that descended again. Of course, it was also effective that I turned Oğuz on by putting the fork in my mouth like a bitch.

When we got up, Oğuz said excitedly, “You two are coming with me.” He said come to the party in my car. When I said ok, Seçil didn’t accept. He said he was going with İrem and Jale. His plan was clear. I think he wanted to leave us alone too. I got into Oguz’s car under Hakan’s gaze. In the car, I put my hand on his penis. Even though he said he was driving, I silenced him by saying fuck me. I told Oğuz to take it somewhere and the forests of Beykoz are very beautiful. He laughed, saying whore. Oğuz pulled over at a place 15 km away from the location where the house party was held. That’s when I immediately concentrated on untying his pants. I started licking the tool I took out directly. Off, you’re great, Ozge says, pushing my head towards his dick.

If it wasn’t for Hakan, I would have reached this device earlier, but it was enough to put out my fire right now. After a while, he took me away from his tool. He said let’s go back. I said let’s go outside, not back. “Hmmm,” he said, showing his satisfaction. In the dark, he sat me on the hood of the car.

He spread my legs apart and tore my socks in one go. It was quite a large tear. I couldn’t wear this tonight. It wasn’t important either. All I could think about at that moment was his tongue landing on my clitoris. Me and Oguz were making love like crazy in the forest and my moans echoed throughout the forest. These were secluded places, so it wouldn’t be a big problem for us. He used his language very well. He licked it like a brush with his tip. My clitoris was hard and swollen. The wetness of his tongue combined with the warmth of my vagina.

I was saying lick me while pushing his head. He licked my drenched liquids, then kissed me. I couldn’t stand it any longer and ejaculated tremblingly into Oguz’s mouth. I hadn’t had these feelings for a very long time and I was going crazy. I freed myself from the tremor and started kissing his lips. Fuck me, please. I put it in my mouth, I want you so much, and I lifted him up. I advanced to the nearest tree, pulling it with me with one hand. I leaned against the tree and presented my buttocks and my vagina under the torn stockings. He spat a little on the end of his tool and went inside me.

Oof, I missed so much a dick inside me. Imhhh, fuck me Oguz please I was nagging him. I was also getting fucked by the cool air tangled in the tree. I was yelling at Oğuz so that Seçil could be here too. I’m going to fuck him with you, he said while I was coming and going. His tool had picked up a good speed, and it matched well with my fluids. I was digging my nails into the tree trying to find the best position for him to fuck me. We were in the action for about 1 hour and it had become unbearable now. When he said he’s coming, I took out his dick.

I started licking his dick on my knees. I was kneeling in front of him with my back to the tree. He stated that his device was close to coming. When he said off I’m coming, he started to hold my hair harder. Finally, he emptied his hot cumshots down my throat. My poor man’s feet were shaking. I swallowed it all and smiled at him. His voice was still shaking when he said let’s get to the car. I looked at myself in the car. My make-up was a little off, but it wasn’t like it couldn’t be fixed. But everyone would wonder why I came to the house party without socks after the dinner I came with socks.

This story was inspired by an incident that happened to a fan of mine. We wrote this story together, I hope you like it..

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